Best GoPro for Skiing

Which is the best GoPro for Skiing? When it comes to choosing the best action camera to capture any moment, everybody knows that GoPro cameras are one of the best ones on the market. GoPro made their cameras, particularly for action sports, not being a surprise that people who practice sports like snowboarding, surfing, kayaking, climbing, or in general any action sport, always recommends them as one of the best options in the market to immortalize any moment at any time.

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To choose the best camera, there exist a couple of things to keep in mind: video resolution, battery life, max frame rate, wide-angle, image stabilization, connectivity, and compatibility with the sky helmet.

• Quality is the most important thing in a video, being the first thing that catches the attention of the audience. This is why the best option on the market is an action camera, specially created to record videos in high definition. 4K High-resolution videos, make the audience feel as if they were in the shoes of the creator.

• The best action cameras to capture everything on the same frame while keeping the maximum visibility, are the ones with a wider angle of view. GoPro and other action cameras brands, on average, are installed with wide-angle lenses, usually wide angles ranging from 120 to 150-degree. In comparison, some models can capture footage at 170- and 180-degree angles.

• But another point to keep in mind is image stabilization, one of the most important features, since skiing rides can be quite bumpy and rough. In cameras, the image stabilization work is to adjust shaky movements, helping to keep the footage as stable as possible. Most of the latest action camera models come with an incorporated advanced hyper-smooth image stabilization feature that keeps the footage steady throughout the ride, providing immersive experiences.

• Another important point is the wireless connection that allows the user to pair the camera with the smartphone or tablet for transferring all the data. By the way, wireless connection turns into a must for skiing content creators, since it leaves them to broadcast live videos on the internet. Some action cameras either have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity or both.

• Finally, to choose the perfect action camera for skiing, a very important aspect to look for is the compatibility of the camera with the sky helmet. GoPro action cameras are mostly designed to fit any type of helmet. However, some cameras are meant to be held in hand for proper footage, but this option is only recommended for the most experimented users.

Although the market is teeming with all kinds of GoPro cameras, there are only a few of them that can be termed as the best ones for skiing, providing high-resolution videos even in the most extreme weather, in this case: snow. Therefore, finding the right one can be difficult, unless you have prior experience with an action camera or adequate knowledge of the subject.

This is why this guide-list, is enlisted some of the best GoPro action cameras for skiing, guaranteeing the best high-quality options in the market for ice sports lovers.

Best Gopro cameras for skiing



For a lot of people, one of the best camera for ice sports. The feature-packed action camera allows the user to unleash its true potential and create amazing content, saving videos and photos for a lifetime.

The single large camera setup incorporates three different cameras, allowing the user to capture 360-degree immersive footage. Create stabilized videos while skiing downwards, just turns into the easiest thing to do without any problem, since it can automatically adjust the speed of the captured footage depending on the motion and lighting in the scene.

Perfect for vlogging if needed. The GoPro Max front-facing screen and its six high-performing shotgun mics, can do the work beyond perfection. Furthermore, it comes with a horizon leveling, and hyper-smooth image stabilization with 180-degree capture, to take the most amazing cinematic shot without any worry (no more shakiness).

The best part? The user can stream footage at 1080P resolution, allowing them to store captured footage, including the broadcasted content, onto the SD card, to check them later. By the way, the “powerpano” feature helps capture 270-degree panoramic landscapes photos and selfies without having to scan the entire view.

Finally, the 4 digital lens modes, make it possible to change the shutter speed, bitrate, and exposure of the footage.


  • Captures 270-degree distortion-free panoramic photo
  • 6 mics for 360-degree stereo sound


  • Wide shot only works at 270 degrees.



Just the perfect option for ultra-compact camera lovers! With an impressive tiny LCD screen to check the mode and tweak some settings, but with only two buttons, turns this camera into a fiddly than breaking out a phone and launching the app: useful and with a long-lasting battery.

This tiny cube size, with no screening device, is the ideal one to have on slopes. Even if it only has a 1440P resolution, GoPro Hero Session absolutely doesn’t have anything to envy a 1080P.

It includes an open frame plus curved and flat adhesive mounts, and a USB cable.


  • Small overall footprint.
  • Stunning battery life.
  • Good quality resolution.


  • No touchscreen. A phone with the app is required.
  • Lack of 4K video resolution.



Maybe one of the best choices for sports YouTubers. The GoPro Hero 7 Black is absolutely one of a kind. 4K High-definition videos at 1080P, and a high frame rate to record in such a manner allowing the user to play videos up to 8 times slower than real-time, turn it into the perfect option for YouTubers.

With modern GPS, the user can track its entire journey from start to end.
But what really makes it outstanding is the hyper-smooth video stabilization. Since skiing doesn’t provide the user with the luxury of holding a gimbal for filming steady videos, fortunately, the GoPro Hero 7 comes with advanced stabilization functionality that predicts the type of bumpy ride ahead and readjusts the camera angle to produce smoother footage.

Create super creative time-lapse videos of the wild snowy mountains with Hero 7, just turns into the easiest thing. Depending on the type of views, it can apply and control HDR to capture the best landscape pictures possible.

Waterproof and rugged enough to survive extreme conditions and underwater, one of the best things about the Hero 7 GoPro, is its hassle-free control system.
By the way, the intuitive touch screen makes it easy to shuffle through different capture modes and capture great photos and videos at either orientation. Finally, the hands-free voice command feature helps greatly while you are on the slope as you don’t have to give manual commands.


  • Shoot videos in 4K resolution.
  • Can be governed through voice command.
  • Captures 8 times slow videos.
  • Hyper-smooth video stabilization


  • Gets heat up if used for a long time.
  • Having difficulty operating on windows 10.



Looking for an optimal and affordable camera. The GoPro Hero 8 Black is the perfect option. This camera is capable of fulfilling every requirement anyone can have, by the way, its small, sturdy, and waterproof design, took the action to the next level.

The camera GoPro Hero 8, clicks super photos at 12 MP with an enhanced HDR function that provides extra detail to your pictures even in low light conditions, offering a wide variety of digital lenses to choose from, such as narrow, linear, wide, and super views.

Through incorporated sophistication, the GoPro can be controlled with 14 different voice commands that come in quite handy while skiing. Finally, the mics have been readjusted to models that provide better wind noise cancellation.


  • Can adjust the horizon automatically.
  • Enables high-resolution video streaming.


  • Short battery life.
  • No extra power support.



Stuffed with all the necessary features that any professional skiing would need to capture your best moments on the slopes, it captures high-definition 4K videos at 30FPS, making it perfect to impress any audience. The 16MP, up the quality of the images to the next level. Instagram, Flickr, Agora, or Pinterest… the quality of the images captured by this Akaso camera model, will boost any audience, blowing minds on the internet.

But what really makes it outstanding is the fact that it can be adjusted on top of the helmet, allowing the user to film the entire journey conveniently. A super-wide 170-degree lens helps take wide-angle pictures of the icy landscape, creating beautiful timelapse videos and seeing nature in its full glory.

On the other side, the splashproof remote control helps maneuver between the video mode and photo mode with the simple touch of a button, and the Wi-Fi availability makes it easier to transfer the footage to the smartphone or tablet. Installing the AKASO app on the smartphone facilitates sharing content on social media.

Finally, the huge battery provides hours of power backup, which is always welcome in the mountains, offering up to 90 minutes of recording time at 1080p resolution, and about 60 minutes of backup for 2-4K video quality. The action camera supports +32GB microSD cards, making it easy to store up all the footage.


  • Sharp photo and video
  • Easy to use in action settings
  • Wi-Fi control through the mobile app
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Questions about long-term durability
  • Hot USB ports after prolonged use


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