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Best GoPro for scuba diving

What is the best GoPro for scuba diving ? If you are a big fan of the deep, blue underwater world, then I’m sure you have felt the urge to capture every moment you spend there. The vibrant colors, the amazing creatures, the submarine flora. Perhaps you are a professional scuba diver and you are considering the chance of starting to record your experiences in photo or in video. Or maybe you are a photographer and you’re taking your first steps in the amazing world of underwater photography. Either way, there is no question nor doubt that the most important and essential thing to consider in this case is having the right equipment.

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Underwater video recording and photography can certainly be a very complex and difficult process if you don’t know specifically how to do it or if you don’t have the proper equipment to capture photos or videos. In this sense, what I definitely would recommend to you is that you get a GoPro camera. Whether you are a professional photographer or you are taking your first steps in this area, a GoPro is exactly what you need if you want a great experience in underwater video and photography. It’s important to know that there are many different GoPro models, and the diversity can be a bit overwhelming. But the fact is that some of the models are more suitable for underwater shooting than others, so considering their features and specific characteristics is key for making a decision on which model to purchase.

That’s why in this article I’m going to give you all the details, specifications and key facts you need to consider for getting the best GoPro for scuba divers in order to have the amazing underwater shooting experience that you definitely deserve.

But first: what is a GoPro camera?

There’s a great chance that you have already heard about GoPro cameras before, and maybe you even used one at some time, but, nevertheless, I think it’s important for me to make a brief introduction to these devices, just in case some of you are not so familiarised with them and their particularities.

GoPro action cameras are devices designed and created by the North-American company GoPro Inc., which have the key characteristics of being light, compact, high-definition and resistant cameras. Initially, they were mainly designed for surfing and for making captures of pro camera angles, which is the reason why they are called GoPro.

Their main uses nowadays are wide and very diverse. People use them for as many things as you can imagine, but the fact is that they are especially employed in sports and activities, which is why they are so highly recommended for scuba diving. The features and special characteristics of GoPro cameras make them the unquestionable best choice for everyone who wants to capture moments of action, sports, recreation and adventures.

Why choose a GoPro for scuba diving photography?

There are some key features and characteristics which make the GoPro cameras so popular amongst scuba divers and underwater photographers, which also highlight the reasons why you should aim for a GoPro as your main equipment.

  • Accessorizing: GoPro cameras are famous for their possibilities of matching a wide range of accessories and additional features. The kinds of accessories you will need depend on several factors, so I recommend that you get a GoPro that can match as many accessories as possible.
  • Image quality: all GoPro cameras have excellent image qualities, but some specific models have a better image definition when using them underwater than others. I recommend that you definitely prioritize those models.
  • Complexity: GoPro cameras have several operational features which make them top options for underwater photography. Some models are more complex to use than others, so if you are taking your first steps with GoPro cameras and underwater photography, I would advise you to start with a modelo which you can handle and use comfortably, and not one which is too complex or has too many features.

3 of the best GoPro cameras for scuba divers

Now that you know a bit more about GoPro cameras and their particularities, I’m going to mention 3 of the best models of GoPro cameras for underwater video and photography available in the market, so that you can have specific information about what is the best choice for scuba diving shooting.

1. GoPro Hero 4

This camera is waterproof for up to 131 ft. It provides amazing results for shootings with low light and its 12MP resolution allows it to make great still shoots.

Best GoPro for scuba diving
  • The Night Lapse functions and customizable settings in exposure makes it great for night photography
  • Solid waterproof resistance for deep waters without the need of additional cases
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can take 12 MP pictures at 30 frames per second
  • Amazing high resolution 4K30 videos
  • Price: around 340 USD

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2. GoPro Hero 5

This is a wonderful GoPro model which has features that make it a great choice for using it both above and under the water. If you add the Super Suit Dive Housing, a special casing designed to adapt the camera for deep water diving, the GoPro Hero 5 allows you to make amazing shoots in 4k.

GoPro Hero 5
  • Has Digital Image Stabilization, to reduce blur and distortion, which is key for underwater photography and video shooting
  • Without the special Super Suit Dive Housing, it’s waterproof to up to 33ft.
  • Has an ultra wide-angle lens
  • It is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections
  • Allows continuous shooting of up to 30 fps
  • Price: around USD 400

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3. GoPro Hero 6

This is a very complete camera with several great features that will help you make the most out of your underwater photo and video shooting. Out of all the models presented here, it’s the most advanced one and, for this reason, it’s also the one which has more complexities to use and understand, even though you can rest assured that the operation is very user-friendly and intuitive.

GoPro Hero 6
  • Shoots videos in 4K60 and 1080, which is amazing for underwater photography and video
  • Has advanced video stabilization
  • Waterproof to 33 ft without a housing
  • Has a touch zoom
  • Has 5GHZ Wi-Fi, allowing you to copy videos and photos to your phone extremely fast
  • Superior image quality
  • QuikStories feature allows the camera to send footage to your phone, where it is transformed automatically into an amazing edited video
  • Great low-light features for capturing photos and video in darker environments
  • Price: around 400 USD

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To conclude, all in all, either of these 3 wonderful cameras will be great choices for you to go into the blue and do your underwater shoots. As you have seen in the detailed features and characteristics I mentioned, beyond their specific differences all models have great resolution, solid water resistance and top technology.

I would strongly advise you to be sure to practice and get familiarized with the technical aspects of the GoPro you choose to get, because this is a key aspect to make the most out of the experience of underwater photography. As I mentioned, even though the usage is quite intuitive and very friendly to operate, some of the available models are a bit more complex than others, so you will find that learning and getting to know how to use them correctly is very important.

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