Best GoPro For Kids

Which are the best GoPro for kids? We may not be pros at parenting, but we know one thing for sure: we are pro at cameras. Cameras have become an important part of our lives, and as a parent, we understand that you want to capture the most precious moments of your child’s life, from the first time they start walking to their silly giggles, to those long planned family vacations and outdoor adventures. At the same time, handing your kids a fancy DSLR camera or an expensive smartphone can be a bit nerve wracking, especially with younger kids.

This is where GoPro comes in. GoPro cameras are tiny, long lasting and are easily mountable, so they can go nearly everywhere your kids go. But what makes these cameras special is how they capture high-quality video and photos in any scenario. It’s easy to use and is hassle free as well.

In simpler words, they’re the perfect solution for parents who want to find a safe, reliable recording device to immortalize the most magical moments of their children’s lives without fretting over expensive smartphones or cameras breaking.

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Why are GoPros perfect for your kids

Beyond the great image quality that they pack into their tiny body, GoPros have some amazing features that make them the perfect choice for your kids who are out on an adventure.

Waterproof : GoPros are completely waterproof upto 33 feet, so this makes them perfect for those dips in your pool in your backyard, or at the day out on the beach, or while dancing in the rain, or in the thrill filled adventure park rides.

Wearable : Gopros are easily mountable, be it on your child’s bicycle helmet, or a harness, bikes or headbands. You name it and GoPro can be mounted on that. So next time your kid tries to ride the bicycle, be rest assured that GoPro has got you covered in capturing those amazing moments.

High Definition Pictures and Videos : GoPros are capable of recording videos in Full HD, with some models capable of recording upto 4K at upto 60 frames per second. So be ready to relive those moments while enjoying super picture quality and with high frame rates you can even slow down the footage to add that wow cinematic factor.

Easy Interface : Kids are becoming smarter nowadays, and if your child uses a modern device with a touch screen, they will get used to the interface of Go Pro faster than you even know.

So now that we are convinced that GoPro is the perfect choice for you, the next question is which model to go for. Don’t worry, we have got your back. In the next section we explore which model is perfect for you and we will help you in making the right choice.

10 Best go pro for kids

1. Hero 7 Gray

Best GoPro For Kids

We begin our list with a great GoPro. GoPro Hero 7 Gray offers the best of everything in one small device. It’s great for your kids as their first action camera. It records at FHD resolution. It’s built like a tank, is robust and durable, and on top of that add the waterproof feature which makes it a complete device.
It features an easy to use touch screen that’s intuitive that makes it adventure friendly. So get your hands dirty and don’t worry about using dirty muddy hands on your camera. Oh yes and how can we forget about the burst mode function. This feature allows you to capture 15 photos in one second, so never miss that perfect moment.

– Inbuilt image stabilization – so no more shaky videos
– HD Res – Capture those precious moments with amazing clarity
– Portrait Mode – Hero 7 Gray can capture photos and videos vertically as well
– Voice Command – No need to touch the device, just command it and it will do the rest
– Time Feature – Great for uploading photos and videos on socials like Instagram and Snapchat

– Small Battery – The device drains battery as anything so be sure to carry a portable charger.
– The device sometimes fails to recognize SD cards.

2. Hero 9 Black

Hero 9 Black

Up next is the latest offering from GoPro. The premium Hero 9 black. The HERO9 from GoPro is the most state of the art GoPro ever, featuring the most immersive audio experience, premium video stabilization, and an all-new user interface. Record your favorite toddler moments in stunning 5K/30 frames per second video or 20 Megapixels photos with 30 frames per second.

It features a new TimeWarp Video feature that delivers stabilized slow motion videos at Full HD 60 frames per second. The videos look so good that it feels as if you have recorded them with a gimbal. That’s not the end, share these cinematic shots instantly with in built Wi-Fi and the latest Bluetooth technology and that too without a smartphone.

An extremely easy-to-use touch display makes navigating the camera’s intuitive settings and controls a breeze and that’s not all, for added convenience, Voice Control lets you power on the camera and start shooting video or capturing photos with simple voice commands.

Capture your kid’s life’s best moments in stunning videos, shoot bursts, and more with the GoPro HERO Session Bundle with Head Strap + Chesty Mount and Car Suction Cup Mounts. Cherish the moments you don’t want to miss with your kid in super-smooth, stabilized video—even when your hands can’t keep up! The compact and mountable GoPro Hero is ready for action anywhere and everywhere, of course it is equipped with a best-in-class waterproof design. So don’t worry about those splashes.

The camera comes with a head strap mount, chest harness mount, and car suction cup in the box that mounts for you to adjust your camera angles however you like.

– New touch screen is easy to use and navigate
– Excellent video stabilization – no more shaky footage
– Transfer your media over wifi or bluetooth without smartphone
– Unmatched image and video quality

– Expensive – be prepared to shell out incase you need the best
– For previous GoPro users this might feel heavy.

3. Hero 7 Black

Hero 7 Black

Take your kid’s adventure to the next level with the GoPro HERO7 Black with its 4K60 video, 8x SuperSlow-Mo, and Hypersmooth Stabilization. Capture your kid’s activities with superb clarity at a higher resolution than ever before — up to 4K60 in wide Field Of View or 1080p240 in narrow Field Of View, shoot 12MP photos at up to 30 fps.

The 2 inch display lets you see what you’re shooting, even if it’s behind the camera. All of this comes housed in an ultra-rugged, waterproof design that is as for adventure as your kid is.

The device lets you take 12MP Photos at up to 30 fps Burst Mode to capture 30 photos in one second. The Time-Lapse Video feature allows you to record at 20+ frames per second. The nonstop photo time-lapse video Blackout feature, your kids will be able to experience lag free zero interval timelapses.

Don’t have enough battery on your device ? Don’t fret. The built-in GPS records your location and speed so that even if your camera runs out of juice, you will still have an idea as to where your kid went. You can also add statistics like velocity, heart beats per minute, and more on your videos for the whole world to see and add an edge to your videos with Quik Stories.

The Hypersmooth Stabilization feature makes your footage look super smooth as soft butter—whether you are holding it on your hand or you have mounted it on your favorite gear. Hero 7 Black is the most attractive option for your kid’s action camera because of its attractive pricing and its the best bet you can make to capture your kid’s adventures.

Shoot gorgeous video even when your kid is making splashes and there’s water all around you with GoPro’s most affordable waterproof camera ever. It has a simple one-button control that makes capturing videos as simple as pushing a button. It’s build quality is so robust that it’s waterproof upto 33ft with an included dive housing built for conditions like snow or in the sea.

The device features the latest wifi and bluetooth technology that allow you to connect the camera with your smartphone in addition to capturing both underwater images and extreme sports on land.

This allows you to preview what’s being recorded in real-time, control it remotely from your smartphone afar, and playback photos/videos without removing the SD card from the device.

– Mind Blowing image and video quality
– Time Warp feature is great fun
– The new UI is easy to use
– Great live streaming capabilities

– Voice Commands don’t work sometimes
– Screen sometimes is not responsive.

4. Hero 6 Black

Hero 6 Black

Hero 6 Black is another great camera from the house of GoPro. It’s ideal for your children and even for you as it’s quite affordable. The camera features on this device have got a huge upgrade from the previous generation GoPros. Featuring 4k60 along with 1080p240 video and add to it the latest GP1 chip, which optimizes the image captures.

Like other latest models by the company, this model also features a robust and strong build. Waterproofing is up to 33 ft, allowing your kids to capture all kinds of fun in the sea or in the pool. Your kids will also enjoy using the intuitive touch-screen with a 2-inch display. This makes it easier to frame the shot; preview recorded footage and change the device settings. Last but not the least, you get an extra battery with the package; you do not have to worry about not being able to capture any moment which is important when you are traveling light and do not want to worry about these hassles.

– Strong robust build quality
– Quick photo processing
– Great voice control features
– Great live streaming capabilities

– Confusing user interface
– No latest time warp functions
– Not compatible with device below 5 Hz

5. GoPro Max Renewed Version – Lightweight

GoPro Max Renewed Version - Lightweight

Want a premium looking high quality device for your kids ? The Hero 5/6 GoPro comes with all of that and also is slim and boasts a travel friendly design. The design is modern yet feels very easy to use. This GoPro is waterproof up to 45-meters and the casing is transparent. It is a great action camera for your kids as it’s features are so easy to understand and the device is user-friendly.

This device boasts a horizon leveling feature which is game-changing. It allows you to capture smooth and beautiful cinematic shots. To top it all, this camera also has a powerpano feature which allows it to capture distortion-free images.

– Clear casing which makes it stand out
– Lens is protected
– Images captured are sharp and detailed
– Waterproof upto 45 meters

– Confusing user interface

6. GoPro Hero+ LCD

GoPro Hero+ LCD

It is clear why GoPro Hero+LCD is reckoned among the best GoPro for kids. The device is designed to withstand extreme outdoor use. It performs exceptionally well be it rain, dust, water, snow or dirt. Throw at it any terrain and this camera won’t disappoint you. With it’s built in user friendly mode, get those professional shots each time without much hassles.

Features like Auto low light, QuickCapture, and Superview, allow this GoPro to maintain the superior quality of the images and videos. Browsing through menus is a breeze thanks to the built-in touch display, and that’s not all, anxious about missing that perfect shot, do not worry, there is a burst mode that captures five pictures in one second.

– Excellent picture quality
– Waterproofing is great
– Strong and lightweight
– Easy navigation through touchscreen display

– No stabilization
– Missing live stream features
– Poor battery life

7. GoPro Max

GoPro Max

What if we told you that you pay for one camera but you get three in return. Sounds like a great deal right ? Yes, and that is why this camera is on the list of top action cameras for your kids. The device allows you to capture images traditionally and also lets you shoot immersive 360 images. GoPro MAX allows your kids to perform multiple tasks with ease. It’s a great device for vlogging because of its front-facing display and shotgun-mic performance. The device also has great stabilization because of the usage of 180-degree capture as the buffer.

On top of it, live streaming at 1080p, which is of great quality is built right in the device. Stun your friends with cinematic outputs thanks to the exceptional horizontal leveling. No, that is not the end of what this camera can do. Panoramic photos of your adventures are now wild because this comes with PowerPano feature that takes distortion free panorama photo experience to a whole new level because of the 270 degree field of view.

– Great battery life
– 3 in1 camera
– High frame rate for slowmotion shots
– Superb touch screen control

– Cannot shoot at 4K
– Panorama shots are not seamless
– Wide angle shots are less flexible

8. GoPro Hero Session

GoPro Hero Session

Weighing in at merely 2.6 ounces, GoPro Hero Session definitely belongs on our list of great cameras for your kids. With a straightforward, point and shoot operation, it offers such ease of use, and this is what makes it so easy to recommend. Additionally, the one-button control button allows you to start the capture or recording automatically. GoPro cameras are sturdy and work in extreme terrains and this camera is no different. The build quality is as robust as it gets despite it being so lightweight.

Like other GoPros, the device also offers a water resistance ability of up to 33 feet. With in built 128GB storage capacity, the device allows you to store all your videos and photos. The camera also offers different capturing modes like 720p100, 1080p60, and 1440p30, and on the photo capturing front, it has the ability to click 10FPS of burst photos thanks to the 8 MP camera sensor.

– Great picture and video quality
– Great mics
– Stabilization is awesome
– Long lasting battery

– Battery cannot be removed
– Wifi does not turn off ever
– Occasional lag in the system menu

9. GoPro Hero7 White

GoPro Hero7 White

Want a camera that is built for performance and durability ? Look no further as we have Hero 7. The build quality makes it one of the best GoPro cameras for your kids. The easy to use and intuitive touch screen is straightforward. It comes with streamlined capture modes. One can easily jump into recording mode with a simple tap and a swipe. Record full HD videos, even the time-lapse videos are in HD. Capture those beautiful sunsets and turn them into short videos, making them more shareable.

The images are crisp and detailed thanks to the housed 10MP camera. Don’t worry about shaky footage as this camera has covered that base as well. The video stabilization is great, irrespective of what you are doing. Shoot traditionally or capture your images in the portrait mode, with this camera.

– Great waterproofing
– High quality images
– Easy to use touch screen
– Superb image stabilization

– Battery performance is average
– Voice controls don’t work all the time
– Battery cannot be removed

10. GoPro Hero8 Black

GoPro Hero8 Black

GoPro HERO8 Black is one of the greatest GoPro ever, thanks to its 4K resolution at 60 fps and 1080p240 video, 960 fps super slow-mo, and images at 12MP up to 30 frames per second.

It’s easy one-button control allows you to capture professional-quality footage and with a 2x more powerful processor, you can expect image quality and performance so snappy that you will end up capturing more than you hoped for.

The much popular HyperSmooth stabilization allows you to shoot footage that feels like they have been taken with the help of a gimbal. The stabilization works with incredible precision and it works even while capturing super immersive wide-angle shots.

The built-in waterproofing up to 33’ (ft) without housing so your kid can soak in your adventures nice and easily without you worrying about damaging the device. Your only job would be to press record.

This GoPro is the perfect tool for your kid’s adventure. Do you know that this camera is lighter than a baseball cap? Thanks to its compact housing and build quality. It also features built-in waterproofing up to 33’ (ft) without housing which makes it ready for snorkeling to bike riding, surfing to skiing, snowboarding to skateboarding.

– Excellent image stabilization
– Exceptional picture quality
– Easy to use and control
– Intuitive touch screen

– Battery performance is average
– No SD card
– Voice control feedback is average at best

Final words

So, in this article, we took a look at the ten best GoPro action cameras for your kids and found out that each of them is unique in its own way. You have now everything in front of you that will help you in making the decision. So be sure to choose one that best suits your requirements.

A camera is a great tool for your kids as it’s going to help them with their imagination and creativity. So while making that choice do not forget to include features like waterproofing, sturdy build quality and features like image stabilization. Help your kids live each moment to the fullest when they spend time with these action cameras. A study and robust camera will help your kids in enjoying their outdoor day without worrying about destroying the camera. While features like image stabilization might feel gimmicky, they are a game changer and will go a long way in future proofing your devices. A removable battery also helps you carry an extra set so that you never run out of juice. With all the help, we are sure that you will make the perfect choice that goes well with your budget.


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