Best GoPro for Hunting

Which is the best GoPro for hunting? And why the GoPro cameras are the best for hunting? That’s because they are equipped with the best waterproof design and exceptional video quality, with the ability to record any video and capture any images time-sensitive movement without effort. Furthermore, a variety of GoPro cameras with new and improved features have found their way into the market, turning into the best options for hunting.

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What is a Go-Pro Camera?

A GoPro camera is a sophisticated gadget that has the capability to capture full 4K videos at 60 frames per second, with a full High-Definition 1080P up to 240FPS. But the most impressive part is how the GoPro has improved performance and image stabilization.

They can be used as standalone cameras, being perfectly compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing to add more functionality and versatility. By the way, using built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, users can gain full control over GoPro cameras, even displaying a live feed of what’s being captured right on their mobile phone.

But what makes the difference when it comes to GoPro cameras is their software! No camera can compare with the quality of GoPro, maybe similar, but not the same. The GoPro’s unification of hardware and software makes it outstanding, being the perfect example of the Quick App, which takes your footage and automatically assembles them into a short shareable video ready for social media.

Finally, another fact that makes GoPro cameras special is their versatility when it comes to mounting. Their mounting system has become so ubiquitous that many other manufacturers make cameras that are compatible with it. From standard bikes, suction cup mounts, aerial mounts for drones. GoPro cameras can be attached to almost everything making it easy to capture any moment at any time, with absolutely no limits being their signature.

What makes a Gopro camera the best for hunting?


People who hunt usually are in a controlled environment, and water is a fact to keep in mind: rain, rivers, lakes, when it comes to nature, even the most experienced hunters know that water is a fact to keep in mind, always as a part of the environment.

This is why hunters must always pick a product that guarantees sufficient waterproofing to handle the harsh environment faced while hunting.
Storage capacity.

Since hunting trips can be very long, to document it all, there will be a huge recording that will require great storage space. If the camera can record high-quality videos, a larger storage capacity is needed, turning this into the main reason to choose a camera with expandable memory, using it with the correct memory card.

Keeping in mind how hard hunting can be, the last thing a hunter needs is a hindrance in between, so the mounting and setting up turns device comes a must. The best option? A camera that won’t require constant adjustments.

Which are the best Gopro cameras for hunting?

Hunting, as a unique sport that has its particularities, requires unique specifications, that make it recommendable to choose the best options, always, avoiding investing in another one in the future that fits better the activity: money safe and fewer problems.
The weight, dimensions, battery life, connection types, image stabilization, and resolution, are things to be aware of when it comes to choosing the best GoPro cameras for hunting.

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1. GOPRO HERO 4 black


One of the favorites for hunters for its price and performance. The perfect options to record hunts day and night, providing one of the best highest quality videos, capturing capabilities during the day, and maintaining the same quality at night, providing clear shots.


  • Extremely immersive wide angles for better views.
  • Advanced controls.
  • Professional video recording.
  • Customizable day and night exposure for better shoots.


  • Is not compatible with all memory cards.
  • The battery life is not as long as other cameras in the same category.

2. GOPRO HERO 5 black

GOPRO HERO 5 black

With a 2” big touch screen, and a stunning 4K display, makes, this camera is one of the best-balanced options for hunters. Easy to pocket, it can fit into any hunter’s backpack without the necessity of taking out other hunting essentials.
Waterproof up to 10 meters, turn it into one of the best options to venture underwater without any worries, and the hands-free operation, makes it convenient for hunting.

But the best part is the Quick Stories features, which make it able to send memorable hunting footage effortlessly to the phones in seconds. By the way, its adhesive mounts, enabling smooth video shoots with perfection.


  • 4K High definition.
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters.
  • Adhesive mounts.


  • The battery can drain quickly.
  • No touchscreen is responsive.
  • No EIS in 4K.



Its outstanding Hyper-Smooth image stabilization turns it into an amazing device to record professional videos, especially outdoors where the movement and shakiness are much more uncontrolled.


  • Stabilizations without the necessity to use a gimbal.
  • Available in several options, with different accessories to compliment your hunting videos.
  • Streaming in 720P, with a Hyper Smooth stabilization.
  • Automatically and intelligent application of HDR.


  • Live stream and recording at the same time are not viable.
  • Hanging the camera can be very tricky.



Ideal for beginners, with a sleek and portable design and competitive price, this tiny camera offers a powerful 1440P with footage of 30FPS footage and 8MP bright photos, fitting easily into small spaces.

Its time-lapse and burst modes provide perfect shots at regular intervals. By the way, the versatile mounts let you set up the camera and record videos in situations where a head-mounted camera is needed.

GoPro Hero Session starts recording on its own without performing any complex actions. Internet connectivity makes sharing much easier, keeping the user connected to the online world. But the most interesting thing is how resistant it can be, being perfect to use in harsh conditions: robust and waterproof; it will give your hunting videos a 360º chance.


  • Beginners are friendly.
  • Versatile.
  • Internet connectivity.


  • Lacks GPS.
  • No viewfinder.
  • No WDR or RAW support.

5. GO PRO HERO4 silver

GO PRO HERO4 silver

It comes with a waterproof casing designed to keep the camera protected from any water and the damage that it can cause.

The perfect model for everybody, even hunters? Yes! Document hunt above the water level, even below it, without worries, with full HD quality, is guaranteed.


  • Professional videos with 1080P at 60FPS, and 720P at 120FPS.
  • Equipped with a built-in touch display for easier control over the shot and framing while recording.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support for better remote control using the GoPro App.
  • Cinema quality videos with advanced controls.


  • Transferring media through a USB cable may be a bit of a hassle.
  • No wall power plug is available for charging the product.



Designed to deliver a Hyper Smooth video stabilization that produces clear footage even in low-light areas, its 12MP lens supports captivating photos while the improved HDR technology eliminates excessive light, providing hyper-realistic images.

This GoPro camera supports about 45 different mounts, making it an ideal partner for hunting and other fun-filled adventures, setting it into any mount that its user can have.

The voice control offered by this GoPro, allows the user to navigate through the device easily.


  • Improved HDR technology.
  • Hyper-realistic images.
  • Supports +45 different mounts.


  • Gets hot while recording.
  • Unreliable voice commands.
  • Slow Wi-Fi.
  • Is not as rugged as earlier GoPro cameras.

7. GOPRO HERO 9 black

GOPRO HERO 9 black

It combines a full HD 5K with 30FPS footage quality and spectacular 20MP photos. This fantastic action camera can capture every move effortlessly.
The Super Photo feature, captures every single detail in images, eliminating any quality loss. By the way, the intuitive front and back touch screens provide complete control.

When it comes to living streaming functionality, it lets the user broadcast the hunting mission on the go. By the way, the additional GoPro accessories like the head strap, mounting buckle, and curved adhesive mount stabilize the camera and protect it against falls.

Finally, with its waterproof unit, you can carry, it can be carried up to 10 meters in water.


  • 20MP.
  • Eliminates any qualities loss.
  • Intuitive front and back touch screen.
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters.


  • Batteries are not backward compatible.
  • No 4K/120P.
  • Heavier than the Max one.

9. GOPRO HERO 6 black

GOPRO HERO 6 black

This GoPro camera combines additional features alongside the traditional ones, turning it into the best hunting camera ever.
The full HD 4K@60FPS videos give two times better performances than their predecessors.

This modern camera makes the user be able to share content between with camera and its mobile device as it features ultra-fast 5-GHz Wi-Fi. The 2-inch touch screen with an improved user interface makes it easy to view and use.

The GP1 chip makes it possible to produce super-quality images even in the dark, while the live video focusing feature lets you click in unstable conditions.
With this camera recording flawless hunting footage, the GoPro Hero6 camera is the right fit for any user who is prepared.


  • 2-inch touch screen.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Produces full HD images even in dark.
  • Flawless record.


  • HEVC video is very demanding.
  • Extra features and faster performance that doesn’t do battery life any favors.
  • Voice control can be a Little enrollable.
  • More expensive than the Hero 5 at least.


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