The Best GoPro for Fishing

Which is the best GoPro for fishing? If you are someone who likes fishing from a boat or a kayak or a lake and so on, then you must be aware of how thrilling can it be to be in and around water. Hence for those reasons, without any second questions, the all-new GoPro is going to be your best friend to capture those active, fun, and adventurous moments. Have you ever considered showing real-life movies to your loved ones in lieu of narrating stories about your wins and achievements? GoPro is your buddy that tells those stories on your behalf without overemphasizing or exaggerating your experiences.

GoPro lets you be imaginative and innovative. It allows you to create your content to convey your experiences. It also helps one create a fantastic Point of View for videos since it enables you to record and annotate the techniques while executing these techniques during your routines. In other words, it allows you to capture moments in a wide range of gradients and panoramas which was difficult to achieve earlier without hiring a personal lensman.

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Let’s see what are the utmost reasons as to why the GoPro is unmatchable, and without a doubt the best camera for fishing, as they amplify the overall experience for boat and kayak anglers:

Convenient to use the buttons – The Power and Record buttons are big and easy to push. This feature of GoPro is practically put to use especially in situations when the camera is placed or attached, say on your hat, or head, or on a pole, and so on. It is a user-friendly camera that will enable one to discover, press, and return to the fishing position.

LCD Screen – The GoPro HERO5 Black has the provision of a quality touch LCD screen, hence, it has a promising caliber to review and audit the clips and pictures. Additionally, one can easily see and maneuver the angle of recordings in real-time. So, you can gather from this that one can meticulously modify the gradients and angles to get your perfect shot.

Touch Screen Controls – The touch LCD screen on the GoPro HERO5 Black I such that it eases out the process of controlling the capture settings. You may alter the capture settings, preview, and edit the video straight away from the camera itself.

HD that brings in a new dimension to the videos — Every GoPro is capable of capturing vivid HD video. Your fishing videos will have never look clearer, brighter, or better when it is captured in HD video. This is apt for uploading videos to YouTube.

Handsfree Recording oneself in action – This property is super useful. All you need to do is adjust the camera’s position, and then the built-in still camera will automatically click pictures. So, you need not have a professional photographer everywhere you go. Simply get your best shots through ‘Hero’ shots.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth – One can enable a camera to directly connect with a computer, i.e., interface it with the GoPro App and then edit or share the gallery items directly via the app.

Accessories — when it comes to the accessories, you have a great deal of useful accessories that could be complemented with the GoPro. Starting its range from the harness, LCD touch bacpac, suction cup, filter clips, helmet connector, DJI phantom, GorillaPod, handlebar mounts, octomask, extra batteries, remotes, charges, and so on. Hence, it could be wise to say that no other camera matches GoPro and it is one of the best ways to capture fishing actions on this camera.

Go Swimming – The all-new GoPro has added a new feature called the waterproof casing. It is highly recommended to buy this in case your current camera doesn’t have this feature. This implies that you can have the benefit of enjoying all the activities involving water that a regular camera wouldn’t dare to pursue.

Now that we have looked at some of the key features and advantages of buying a GoPro, let us take a take time to compare and judge what suits best our needs when it comes to fishing. We have a good range of product choices to choose from as each of them has remarkable features and makes the most out of the value that you pay.

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Comparing GoPro Models for Fishing

The entire collection of GoPro Digital Action cameras is quite compact, mobile and can be placed and mounted almost anywhere virtually. As discussed above, they offer HD videos and photos which beats even a regular camera that has many other cons, if purchased. The entire collection of GoPro exploits Class 10 Micro SD card to store the videos and images, to such extent that it can be reused n number of times without any image degradation.

The leading GoPro cameras for fishing are the HERO Session, the HERO5 Session, and the HERO5 Black. They all root from the original Hero and Session cameras, but they all have their own has unique features that make them stand out.

1. GoPro HERO Session –The most preferred GoPro for Fishing

Best GoPro for Fishing

The HERO Session is primarily at the entry-level which is apt for fishing purposes. Most of the time it so happens that the fancy features come of very little use to the anglers. If you are simply seeking to get an HD video and hands-free Time-Lapse pictures, then the HERO Session does this job well.

It is for you to decide if you really want and need advanced video capture settings or an LCD screen. In that case, GoPro serves you with its most expensive HERO5 Black. But overall I trust that your fishing needs can be matched by the Session camera, and then you can additionally spend on different mounts and accessories.

The Session is waterproof, without a case, up to 33 feet (10M), it lets you choose picture quality between 720p, 1080p, or 1440p HD video up to 60 frames per second. The HERO Session has a “One Button Operation” feature enabling you to click a single button to power on and begin recording immediately.

Additionally, the burst mode allows you to produce fast-action pictures up to 10 frames per second with the built-in 8-megapixel camera. It also has the attribute to capture hands-free ongoing photos in a time-lapse mode whose intervals range from 0.5 to 60 seconds. This is absolutely what I imagine how my pictures should come out while I was catching a fish.

The HERO Session is petite and light-weight, hence it can meet the mounting requirements, and its auto-low light mode optimizes photos that are captured in low light periods.

2. GoPro HERO5 Session

GoPro HERO5 Session

The HERO5 Session provides its users with all the features as of the basic one from the Session. But additionally, it has got some recent updates with regards to its camera.

Now this one serves you with the wide-angle Field of Views and the truly remarkable detailing of 4k and 2.7k video formats. There are some upgraded frame rate options in the 1140p, 1080p, and 720p recording modes. In photo mode, the HERO5 Session has a bigger sensor (10MP vs 8MP), and surprisingly can feature 30 pictures per second burst mode. If you are someone who prefers night fishing, then you should opt for this camera as it has built-in “Night Photo” and “Night Lapse” modes.

The HERO5 Session operates with the One Button Operation just like the standard Session one. All you need to do is power on and the camera starts recording. The Session puts up well with external microphones, that you can buy as a choice. If you are willing to pay the extra cost, the additional video and photo capabilities make the HERO5 Session a good buy.

3. HERO5 Black – The epitome for Fishing Camera

HERO5 Black

The HERO5 Black is all that one can ask for. You ask for it and this camera features it. The camera is a 12-megapixel sensor instead of the 10 and 8 megapixels and has an amazing external touch LCD screen on the back. The LCD lets you assess your pictures and playback videos instantly while qualifying for on-spot editing and trimming.

The HERO5 Black is truly something that cannot get any more professional action camera than it is. There is a pile of modes for your video and photo that will keep you engaged and help you discover your creativity that you did not know existed within you till now.

Contrasting to its earlier versions of GoPro cameras, the HERO5 Black is waterproof to 33ft without any extra case. It is anywhere far away from giving you that muffled sound. What I love about this, the most is how one can remove/recharge a 1220mAh lithium-ion battery. On the other hand, the session cameras have fixed internal batteries and don’t allow such flexibility.

If you are someone who likes the best or nothing at all and pursuing to buy a new camera for fishing, then undoubtedly, HERO5 Black is the one for you. With all its features discussed above, there is no second thought that there is any other camera in the market to meet your needs.

Which GoPro is Right for You?

Value for Money – If you are simply looking to explore and experience what a GoPro is and how does it work, that too without smashing your pocket, then a purchase of a GoPro HERO Session is highly recommended. It goes easy on the budget and pocket friendly. Its simplified usage appeals to the users to shoot the perfect action video and picture. It is handy, easy to use this particular model, and experiment with the various mounts that are apt for your purpose of usage, then through its feature of interface, you can point out if you have missed out on anything.

Value for Performance – The HERO5 Session strikes a balance between the high-end features of the Black and the simplicity of the Session form factor. It is extremely necessary to have One Button Operation is while you are on a boat or kayak. It additionally helps you to unlock more video and photo modes with the HERO5 Session.

High Performance – in case you are focusing on getting the best videos and still-shots then you just go for the HERO5 Black. It is The Most Professional action camera. Honestly, it cannot get any better. Now, this particular camera allows taking ultra-rich HD videos and amazing quality pictures. It is almost like you have hired HERO5 Black as your professional videographer with distinctly unbeatable resolutions and modes. This one comes best to use if you are seriously looking out to capture your best fishing footage. You also must bear in mind, the unfathomable speed, comfort, and usefulness that you get with a touch screen LCD.

To sum up

In my opinion, any GoPro camera will be of absolute worth for fishing, including the older generations – HERO4 and HERO 3. This is so because they are extremely versatile, with respect to their mounting options and accessories that will enable each user to meet their varied kinds of needs to get the desired shot. As spoken above, due to its lightweight and portability, the user can load it anywhere especially when we are talking about fishing, kayaking, boating – considering how limited room there is.

For the user of this product, the deciding factor should be their spending power as they all provide HD videos. So it is best to buy a GoPro that suits your pocket, your skills to edit videos, and then eventually upload it on YouTube and let others admire it.


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