Best E-readers for PDF

Which are the best E-readers for PDF ? Here we show you the best models that you can get now.

What is an e-Reader?

The e-Reader is an electronic device whose main purpose is to read files in PDF format. Thanks to electronic ink technology (e-Ink), it can reproduce electronic books (e-Books) with a reading quality as on paper. It is not intended to play games, use Facebook, or for fun watching videos, but only for reading.

If you really want to read, then the ideal thing to do is to find the best e-Ink PDF e-Reader that meets your needs.

Best E readers for PDF

Although the terms e-Book and e-Reader are often used interchangeably, they are not synonymous.

Normally, there is great confusion in the market between the term e-Reader which designates the device that acts as a reading medium, and the term e-Book that is the digital content that is read. It is common to use the second term erroneously to refer to the reading medium.

In other words, e-Book is the content of the book (that is, the text we read), while the e-Reader or electronic book reader is the container (that is, the equivalent of paper and its cover), with the big difference that in an e-Reader we can store more than one book in digital format.

How is it different from a Tablet?

E-Readers and tablets are complementary products but for different uses.

The basic difference is that the main function of an e-Reader is to read electronic books, while a tablet has functions apart from reading, such as: surfing the internet, working, playing.

Tablets use LED screens, while e-Book readers use black and white electronic ink screens that allow them to be lightweight devices with minimal power consumption, having the capacity to store thousands of books and specialized for this task. Due to its low consumption, its battery can last more than a week of use and several months in rest with a single charge.

E-Readers and Visual Health

Another no less important difference is the care of Visual Health. Visual fatigue is much less with an e-Reader than with a tablet.

In e-Readers, light comes through an external source that projects the light on the screen evenly and does not produce distracting reflections,

E-Readers achieve an optimal quality of vision because the contrast improves compared to a printed book (if we use a good e-Book reader).

The lighter, the better the screen will look, making reading a real pleasure. This is what makes the best PDF e-Book reader worth investing in.

Tablets do not use electronic ink. The screen illumination is from the inside out. Instead of reading with light, what we are doing is looking at a light.

On prices, the entire range of e-Readers is in a segment of the market, which ranges between 50 and 250 dollars. The medium and high-end tablets are between 200 and 500 dollars.

E-Readers portability

E-Readers are fully portable, as the initial trend was for a paperback, between 5 and 6 inches as the optimal size for e-Ink screen readers. Yet, some exceptions use larger sizes such as 8 inches, with a wide range of different sizes currently available.

The latest e-Book readers use the latest e-Ink Letter display technology, with 300 pixels per inch (high HD resolution of 1440 X 1080 pixels).

Since they do not have a glass screen, large battery, and metal case; these devices are comfortable to hold in one hand.

Their portability allows take them to various places, even to read by the pool, on the beach, or a terrace in full sun. Some even have protection against water for use with wet hands.

Connectivity and ease of use of e-Readers

The new devices allow Internet connection. Most offer Wi-Fi as the base level of wireless connection, both for downloading new e-Books and for consulting. Its large storage capacity is around 4GB. Since e-Books take up little space, it allows them to store more than 1000 e-Books.

The interface is simple and varies depending on the model, but mainly it can be divided into 4 different parts:

Library. From the library, you can access e-Books, you can select text to find meaning, make notes, share on social media downloaded, or those that are available in the cloud for download.

Library Menu. From the library, you can select options related to search, buy, synchronize, etc.

Book. The devices remember on which page you left the reading for the last time. In addition, some models include functions such as mark specific passages; add notes, access to a dictionary, or encyclopedic access.

Book Menu. From the book, you can change the font size, search, view notes.

If you need specially an E-Reader or Kindle for reading Manga consider reading our article on the best Kindle for Manga.

Best E-readers for PDF files

Although there is variety of e-Readers, there are always those that stand out for their characteristics and are therefore the most sought after by people.

For a smart and durable selection, it’s a good idea to compare the Kobo, Nook, Onyx, Sony, and PocketBook models. Select your device based on the features outlined above.

Following, you will find those that are considered the best E-readers for PDF.

1. Onyx e-Book

Onyx e-Book readers have built-in speakers. This device can use multiple audiobook apps. Interestingly, Amazon needs an Onyx e-Book reader to use its more elegant audiobook feature. That feature syncs the words displayed on the page as it narrates through audio.

Onyx e-Book e reader for pdf

2. Likebook Mimas

Although their software is less optimized, the compatibility to read PDF files is good and is quite close to the quality of Onyx.

With its 10.3-inch screen, it is one of the least expensive options for a large e-Ink device.

Their newest model, the Likebook Alita, has already been released with a slightly lower price than Onyx.

Likebook Mimas pdf ereader

Finally, you can find the one in the third position that is nothing more than:

3. Kobos with KOReader

Although Kobo’s built-in PDF software is basic, the open-source program called KOReader works perfectly on Kobo devices and adds more features for reading PDF files.

Kobos with KOReader


There are other lower category options, but due to its outstanding performance and versatility, up to now, the best e-Reader for PDF files is Onyx Boox.


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