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Best eReader for reading in sunlight

Whether you want an upgrade of your former eReader, or you are about getting one, then this article is for you. It can be quite challenging to get the best eReader for reading in sunlight. This indecision happens because there is a wide range of options. It isn’t wise to go into a store and pick one up. Or browse through any online store. It can also be quite tedious to research correctly. Hence, we have done the task for you. Through careful and thorough research, we have been able to come up with the best eReader for sunlight, and one that is perfect for your outdoor activities. In the post, we have compiled a list of eReader, and we are sure there is something which would pique your interest. Note that we aren’t listing any product in order of preference. This article is a guide to help you choose which is best for you. Keep reading.

Best eReader for reading in sunlight

1. Amazon All-new Kindle

 Amazon All-new Kindle

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get an eReader perfect for reading outdoors. The Amazon Kindle, which is in the 10th generation, is affordable. Also, it comes with the best of features for its price. It was launched in 2019. The new Amazon kindle features a front light that illuminates the E ink screen. This means wherever you go, or at whatever time whether night or day you can read e-books. Plus its portability makes it an eReader to consider as well. You can easily toss it in your backpack when going for short trips. Or even if you have a big pocket, it can fit right in, cool right? It isn’t waterproof, so you should keep that in mind when on a trip to the beach. It comes in two colors, the black, and white. Though you might want to go for black because it looks more sophisticated and expensive. With the Amazon Kindle, you need to tap on the screen when reading to move between spaces. It comes with 4GB storage, giving you enough space to download many e-books. In addition to that, it has audible support via Bluetooth. The Amazon Kindle higher-resolution display makes it one of the best eReader for bright sunlight

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2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

If you are an eBook reader who doesn’t want to spend a fortune getting one of the best eReader for sunlight, then is ideal for you. The Amazon Paperwhite brings all the features of the high-end Kindle Oasis into an affordable unit. We know how thrilling that sounds. It is waterproof to IPX8 standards; this implies it can survive when thrown into the water. Now you can have your bathe while reading without thinking of damaging your precious eReader. It has a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, and its improved brightness makes it ideal for outdoor use. The Amazon Paperwhite also comes with an inbuilt backlight, so you don’t need to put on a lamp when reading in the dark. Due to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your headphones to listen to audiobooks. It weighs 6.4 ounces, making it relatively light for carrying around. It comes with 8GB storage, and if you feel it isn’t enough, you can opt for that of 32GB.

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3. Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis

This is by far the most luxurious and expensive Amazon eReader. It’s no surprise, as it is worth every buck. It has the color-changing front light, which automatically gets warmers as the sun increases.  Making it a great eReader for reading in direct sunlight. With an eReader like the Kindle Oasis, your reading experience can never be annoying. It features an aluminum body and a flat-screen. One feature that makes it stand out is its page turn buttons, which are incredibly responsive. Its 25LED front light makes it a delight to use.  It is also lightweight and portable. It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus optional 4G. Also, its battery life makes it a must have, you don’t have to stress about charging all the time. It can last for about 6weeks when fully charged if you use it 30minutes per day. It comes with 8GB storage or 32GB storage.

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4. Kobo Aura eReader

Koba Aura eReader

It is a light-up eReader. Its primary selling point is its battery life. It claims to have a battery which can last for over two months. This is enough reason to entice the public. Asides the intriguing battery life, it is perfect for outdoor activities and reading in the sun. It has a high-resolution display and a front light for reading in dark surroundings.  This eReader is also one of the lightest eReader there is. This makes it very suitable for long walks, and it can comfortably fit right into your jacket pocket. It comes with a design that cuts down dimensions from its predecessor, allowing you to have a firm grip when holding it. It is a Wi-Fi enabled eReader, and it has a 4GB storage space that can be expanded to 32GB. The Koba Aura eReader has a very stylish design, which would attract stares anywhere you take it to.

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5. Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2

koba Aura H20 Edition 2

Not every eReader comes with a small screen. The H20 eReader has a large screen and is extremely durable. It comes with an adjustable blue-light filter, and a glare-reducing technology, qualifying it as one of the best eReader for sunlight. Plus it is also equipped with an adjustable backlight. It can store at about 6,000 books which is more than enough for eBook lovers. Regardless of its size and distinct design, the Koba Aura H20 is exceptionally light. It has thick bezels, giving you enough space to place your hands when reading a book. It is highly waterproof and can be submerged in water for five minutes without damaging. It comes with a resolution of 1430×1080 and 265 pixels per inch.

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