Best Electric Fireplace For RV

When we refer to RV (recreation vehicle) to enjoy our vacations, we must consider the best equipped for the best comfort on our trip. Comfort is made up of thousands of little things, and a fireplace is considered one of the most important elements in a classic interior of an rv to condition our internal environment and make it as cozy as possible for a trip pleasant. For this reason, we must take the time to select the best electric fireplace for rv.

best electric fireplace for rv


The term vacation that comes from the Latin “vacatio” is linked to leisure and is when people use it for the rest of their study or daily work activity, suspending temporary obligations.

People usually wake up later and modify their routines during the vacation period and like to travel.

Vacations let you, rest, reduce stress and other pathologies derived from obligations, help to improve productivity during the rest of the year and, promote economic growth from tourism.

Sometimes, also this time can be used to carry out activities that are not carried out due to lack of time during the working days or school time.


Activities during vacation days involve excursions, movies or theater, going to the park, and visiting a museum.

In the summer, the most frequent trips are made to the beach areas while, in winter, people tend to choose the mountains and snow.

Related to tourism, those days offer the opportunity to travel, which considerably increases relaxation.

Anyway, if you want to move around with your family, or have a weekend getaway, you need a comfortable RV.

One of the aspects to take into account is the rv inside the environment, which lets you rest comfortably, and this is the electric fireplace.

Electric Fireplace for RV

An electric fireplace is a decorative heating device capable of heating the RV internal environment; its heating system provides heat through resistors and a fan that expels hot air. To this system must be added a lighting system that simulates fire or flame that gives it a realistic effect.

It is used as an alternative to the gas or bioethanol fireplace, and it does not dirty, does not pollute and is efficient, and can be provided with a unique design and easy installation.

The area covered by its heat is up to 30㎡ and the timer is approximately 0 to 7.5 hours.

Although it is a decorative fireplace, it warms the atmosphere like a real fireplace. It uses fake logs or charcoal. A lighting system creates flames and embers. You will experience the illusion of a real fireplace fire that surprises with its realism.

If you just want to create a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the vision of the flames, you can use only the flame simulation function without using the heating, but when using the heating function, the flame simulation function works together.

Advantages and disadvantages of an Electric Fireplace


  • Well imitation to real fireplaces
  • Is a good decorative element
  • They are customizable in designs and colors
  • Ease of installationEase of move
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Is capable of heating only the areas you need because of its Independent emitter
  • Spreads heat fast and efficient
  • Have time programming to the desire hours
  • Does not produces combustion nor CO2, no fumes, and no residue, so its heating system is safe
  • Low risk, it is not necessary to buy, transport, or store fuel since it uses electricity
  • Is secure, it brings a safety thermostat that automatically stops the fireplace in case of overload or forgets to turn it off
  • The glass is high quality, resistant, tempered, and long-lasting
  • The remote control is used to activate the heating or turn the simulation of flames on and off
  • Led lights, adjustable power, and brightness


  • The higher electricity consumption as a heater the more expensive the bill
  • On large surfaces its heating effect is limited
  • When using as a heater can have noise problems with the fan

Correct use

To achieve the best performance of the electric fireplace, you must close doors and windows. The more you reduce the surface of the room and the more you avoid heat leaks, the faster you will raise the temperature. Even though you may have purchased an energy-efficient electric fireplace, you may regret this on your next electricity bill.

And, which is the best electric fireplace for my rv?

There is a variety of styles, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the Electric Fireplace it is only a matter of choosing the one that best suits your needs.

But before going to look at some of the models which could be your best RV electric fireplace, to make sure you get it right you need to measure your available space for installation and have in mind the following aspects.

Unit Location

Depending on the place you want to put your fireplace, you can select from embedded, suspended, or freely furniture.

Size of the cavity

Depending on the available measured space, you can buy a small or large electric fireplace.

Fireplace Shape

You can choose from a lot of electric fireplace shapes like square, round, panoramic, etc.

Appearance Design

Is important to take care of the electric fireplace décor to be combined with the rest of the rv furniture.

Fireplace Power

A good fit is approximately 2000 Watt for the entire rv.

Regulated temperature

To control the temperature according to your needs is good to buy an electric fireplace with a thermostat. On some occasions, you need to have a timer to turn it off automatically.

Remote control device

A programmable remote control is useful to light it without getting up from the sofa.

Noise generated

The fan can generate annoying noises that disturb you. The best preference is to select an electric fireplace that operates below 25 dB.

Quality construction materials

Choose stainless steel and tempered glass as the best materials for quality equipment.

Flame simulation

To simulate a real fireplace you need a 3D electric fireplace with LED technology.

Power supply

Make sure you have a 110V outlet inside the cavity or ease to direct wire the unit.

Although buying an electric fireplace for your rv depends only on you, if what you are looking for is an electric heating device that distributes a soft heat, with the visual effect of a beautiful flame, thus forgetting about the cleaning and maintenance tasks of a wood-burning fireplace, following you can find the best electric fireplace for RVs.

1. e-Flame USA Aspen Portable Electric Fireplace

e-Flame USA Aspen Portable Electric Fireplace
  • This freestanding electric fireplace can be located inside any RV.
  • The design is classic and the wood-burning effect is realistic.
  • Is secure for all people, kids, and pets
  • Low fan noise.
  • Quickly heat up and even heat distribution.
  • Unit is odorless and smokeless.
  • Ready to décor your rv and reflect your style.
  • Does not require doing any construction modifications at rv because of its freestanding feature.
  • Needs to be secured while driving and cannot be used while in motion.
  • Easy to select heat and brightness with a control switch.

2. Best Choice Products 28.5″ Embedded Electric Fireplace

The next high-quality option is the Best Choice Products 28.5″ Embedded Electric Fireplace. It has a beautiful realistic design that transforms the environment in which it is installed. Lots of glow and dancing flames.

However, for your caravan the Best Choice Products 28.5″ Embedded Electric Fireplace is not an appropriate option. This electric fireplace has a large size, hence its high heating power, which makes it difficult to adapt. 28.5 inches requires a fair bit of space.

Embedded Electric Fireplace

3. The Dimplex DF2524L Electric 25″ Firebox

The Dimplex DF2524L 25″ electric firebox is a good fireplace, although it is not specially designed for RVs.

It is an efficient and more compact device than the previous one but it also needs professional installation.

Despite gaining in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Dimplex’s 25″ electric firebox is not the hottest option.

Dimplex DF2524L Electric 25" Firebox


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