Best earplugs for surfing

Which are the best earplugs for surfing? Earplugs are extremely effective at preventing you from developing “surfer’s ear.” It is also not necessary for them to keep your ears completely dry. They simply need to reduce the amount of cold water flushing through your ear canal enough to keep the water inside at body temperature. Similarly to how a wetsuit acts on your skin.

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The primary reason for wearing earplugs while surfing is to avoid exostosis, also known as “surfer’s ear.” This is a condition that results in abnormal bone growth in the ear canal.

Surf earplugs resemble medical devices more than they do recreational devices. They’re bulky, they may impair your hearing, they require additional money and time to install, and they’re yet another item to lose.

However, they are absolutely necessary, particularly for surfers in cold weather. And I’m not talking about surfers in Ireland — I’m talking about cold weather in places like Southern California. In general, if the water temperature drops below 64 degrees and the wind picks up, it’s worthwhile to wear earplugs.

The good news is that modern surf ear plugs enable you to ride waves in cold air and water without sacrificing performance.

They’re extremely comfortable, simple to use, and machine washable. Additionally, they are medical devices.

Above all, they must effectively block wind and water, fit comfortably in the ear canal, and allow you to hear. Let me introduce you to some of the best products available to you.

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Best ear plugs for surfing

1. Surf Ears 3

Best earplugs for surfing

Key Product:

  • Ear Protection – Our cutting-edge design keeps water out. For a secure fit, the double-curved wing and tilted core help prevent surfer and swimmer’s ear.
  • Comfortability – The silicone surfer earplug tips are thinner, softer, and feature an ergonomic design that can be customized to fit a wide range of ear canal sizes.
  • Sound IN Water OUT – The only surfer ear plugs in the world that help protect your ears without hurting your hearing.
  • Easy to use – Improved leash for quick attachment and detachment & a foolproof fitting with color-coded plugs
  • Secure fit – Premium eco-friendly packaging is made for easy, reusable storage of ear plugs.

These earplugs allow for sound transmission while keeping out water. They feature interchangeable parts in a range of sizes, allowing you to customize the fit to your ears for a secure and comfortable fit. Surfing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, wake boarding, and a variety of other water sports are all available.

The new core is a little smaller, so we can make the product bigger without sacrificing sound quality. We have added an extra size to the sealing gels, so there are now four different sizes. The wings come in two sizes to make sure they fit even the smallest and largest ears.

2. Oken ear plugs

Oken ear plugs

Key Product:

  • Sound In – As long as you’re not in the water, you can hear things without having to take out your swim earplugs.
  • Water Out – It keeps water from getting into your ear canal, which means you won’t get an ear infection.
  • Comfortability – The new design fits perfectly with the shape of your ears, making them very comfortable.
  • Better fit – It comes in three different sizes to make sure it fits any ear shape or size.
  • Color – In case you lose your earplugs, bright colors make it easy to find them.

If you want to swim, surf, dive or snorkel, this earplug is perfect for you. It’s comfortable and can be heard. let sound in but keep water from getting into your ear canal while you’re surfing, which will keep it clean and healthy.

It comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) to make sure that it fits your ears just right.

If you want to swim, surf, dive or snorkel, this earplug is perfect for you. It’s comfortable and can be heard.

3. JBL Hydro Seals

JBL Hydro Seals

Key Product:

  • Hypoallergenic. Structure made of polymer
  • Plugs are preformed on the left (clear) and right (red) sides for a custom fit.
  • At the same time, the Dual BAFFLE design, which locks into the inner ear canal, prevents hydro seals from entering and water from exiting the ear canal.
  • Exclusive hocks noise breaker: enables the user to clear his or her ears through pressure.
  • Recognize normal sounds made by hydro seals Embedded in the ear

If you want to keep your inner ear dry and still be able to hear the world outside, Hydro Seals are what you need. These aqua plugs have an advanced multi-baffle design that is very good at keeping water out of the ear canal.

It’s also possible for people to clear their ears while diving. With the help of Hocks Noise Braker technology, this can all be done. A first for the business. This system creates a force field-like barrier to keep water from getting into the inner ear, but it doesn’t completely seal it.

The end result is that sound waves can pass through while not putting pressure on the body because of water. This makes them great for divers who have a hard time clearing their ears when they dive down.

4. Alpine Surf Safe

Alpine Surf Safe

Key Product:

  • Designed specifically for watersports enthusiasts
  • Prevents cold, water, and wind from entering the ears
  • Due to the fact that ambient noise is dampened to a minimum, communication is still possible.
  • Aids in the prevention of ear infections and Surfer’s Ear
  • Prevents eardrum tearing in the event of a fall into water.

If Want to enjoy watersports without having your ears pierced by the cold, water, and wind? Alpine created the Alpine SurfSafe earplugs with watersports enthusiasts in mind.

Apart from blocking out sound from the water and wind, traditional earplugs also block out ambient noise. This throws the balance off and obstructs communication. Alpine SurfSafe’s specialized filters keep water and wind out of the ears and sound in.

It is never too late to avoid being stung by a surfer’s ear. Alpine’s new SurfSafe universal ear plugs are made in the Netherlands and provide exostosis protection.

Surfer’s ear is becoming a global threat to the community of wave riders, particularly those who live and surf in cold climates. After 30 years of age, the strange condition manifests fully and may very well require surgery. That is why wearing surf ear plugs is the only option.

Unlike other models on the market, Alpine’s SurfSafe ear plugs do not include an external cavity or both ear support wings.

They rely on the soft, moldable, silicone-free material to penetrate, isolate, and protect your ears from the catastrophic effects of cold wind and water.

5. Doc’s Pro plugs

Doc's Pro plugs

Key Product:

  • No leash is included with this item.
  • It eliminates “ear squeeze” caused by an inability of the outer and middle ears to equalize.
  • Assists in preventing infection of the outer and inner ear, vertigo, and thermal reaction.
  • Specially designed for Scuba Divers

Doc’s Pro plugs, the premier water sports earplug designed and distributed by a surfing physician, are dedicated to providing the highest quality earplug for the ultimate ear protection for all water sports athletes.

By emphasizing the importance of ear damage prevention, we hope to alleviate some of the concerns associated with participating in sports. A flexible plastic plug that resembles the inside of your ear more than a traditional cone plug.

The advantages of wearing Doc’s Pro plugs are their invaluable properties, which help prevent ear damage and hearing loss in a variety of environments.

Pro plugs provide the necessary protection against long-term hearing loss, whether you engage in recreational activities, your daily job, or are fortunate enough to combine the two as a professional.

Doc’s Pro plugs are non-invasive, affordable, and long-lasting. They self-fit easily and are ready to wear. Proper usage will assist you in remaining afloat. They help prevent future ear problems such as.

A flexible plastic plug that resembles the inside of your ear more than a traditional cone plug.

6. Mack’s AquaBlock

Mack’s AquaBlock

Key Product:

  • Pre-molded silicone earplugs with flanges for ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable, and waterproof protection.
  • The Flex Stem’s unique design and triple flange configuration enable a more customized fit, which improves sealing ability and wearer comfort.
  • Unlike similar earplugs made of plastic, pre-molded silicone will not deteriorate.
  • Assists in preventing swimmer’s and surfer’s ear
  • For extended wear, washable and reusable.

Mack’s AquaBlock is seemingly identical to the ear seals, sans leash. But, upon testing, they are definitely not. The AquaBlock appears to be an excellent swimming plug — you insert them, they completely plug up your ears, and you swim lap after lap.

This is Mack’s most well-known product, a pair of earplugs that have shaken and transformed the way Americans sleep. They are made of silicone putty, which you can easily shape to fit comfortably inside your ears.

AquaBlock pre-molded flanged earplugs are made of premium silicone and are designed to be ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable, and waterproof.

The patented Flex Stem and triple flange design aid in proper insertion, enhance sealing capability, and ensure a secure fit.

7. Mack’s Ear Seals with Leash

Mack’s Ear Seals with Leash

Key Product:

  • Earplugs with a dual function – they reduce noise and keep out water (Noise Reduction Rating – 26 decibels).
  • He dual-durometer design combines ultra-soft seal rings for unparalleled comfort with a stiffer inner core for ease of insertion.
  • The detachable cord enables the user to easily hang the earplugs around his or her neck in environments with fluctuating levels of noise.
  • Reusable and washable. Includes a carrying case.
  • Additionally, they are extremely affordable.

The ear seals are made up of a series of soft seal rings wrapped around a stiff core, and they resemble some very basic ear plugs.

However, they fit comfortably in my ears, rarely required adjustment while in the water, and, most surprisingly, stayed in during head-high wipeouts. Because the ear seals lack the “wing” that typically aids in keeping the plug in the ear, I was surprised that they stayed in so well.

The case is a simple rectangle of plastic, but the locking mechanism is sturdy and the case is large enough to hold a chapstick in addition to the plugs.

In summary, each brand has its own unique ergonomic design, but they all have to stay in your ears for the duration of the session. A few models feature adjustable components, allowing you to customize the fit for your ears.

Certain high-end waterproof ear plugs come packaged in convenient cases, which is advantageous because they keep the plugs protected and accessible after you exit the water.

We hope you’ll find this blog both interesting and educational in terms of your interest in the world’s most recognizable brand. I wish you the best of luck with your hunting expeditions.


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