Best Backpack Purse For Travel

Which is the best backpack purse for travel ? When you are ready to pack up and head out for an adventure, there is nothing better than having your hands free. A go-to travel backpack purse will make sure that everything from clothes in one bag with chargers still attached so they don’t die during the vacation all the way through snacks or even medical essentials like bandages if needed. These backpacks can also be used when we’re tired after sightseeing around town , just convert them over into a cute little evening Bag/Shoe Purse depending on what looks good at any given moment without sacrificing function.

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The 14 Best Backpack Purse For Travel

1. Telena PU Leather Anti Theft Large

Best Backpack Purse For Travel


  • Constructed from durable materials and features a charming tassle.
  • Imported
  • Composite frame
  • Leather lining
  • Durable Material & Cute Tassel
  • 11″ L × 6 ” W × 13.38 ” H inches, 1.76 pounds
  • Zipper closure

The Anti-Theft Backpack Purse is wonderful thanks to keeping your valuables safe from being a scarf. The U-formed zipper at the rear of this bag can confirm nothing will be gotten simply into or out while not you knowing, as a result, there aren’t any easy accessibility points and it’s has one main pocket with multiple pockets for daily things that facilitate organizing everything dead handy once walking around the city all day long.

This trendy and sturdy backpack is formed of high-quality water-proof soft element animal skin, material lining with metal accessories. Additionally, there is acute adornment next to the front nada pocket.

This spacious, water-proof backpack is ideal for all of your wants. You’ll be able to use it as one purse or take the highest handle and fasten yourself to any cart.

2. VELEZ Genuine Leather

VELEZ Genuine Leather


  • dimensions: Length 6.1″, height 10.8″, width 12.2″. Weight 1.5 lb
  • long-lasting and top -quality leather
  • a touch of sophistication to your every day
  • a space for everything and in its own place
  • easy to carry

The durable, high-quality leather ensures that this small backpack will last for years. The front pocket makes it easy to reach your phone or other essentials when you need them most without having too many things clanking around inside of another bag.

This women’s leather backpack is made with extremely durable materials and the handcrafted process that distinguishes Velez’ in all its creations. This stylish bag has high quality to give you a sophisticated touch to your everyday attire, storing small items such as keys or cell phones within arm’s reach while keeping them safe from harm by placing it inside this front pocket accessible on both sides. With its accessible design for office work environments where valuables need constant monitoring but still want durability without sacrificing fashion sense-the Velez Artisan will be perfect addition any wardrobe.

3. Simple Vegan Leather (Light Brown)

Simple Vegan Leather (Light Brown)


  • Convertible multifunctional strap
  • 3 different carry ways to be a small backpack
  • Detachable inner pocket
  • Stylish clutch handbag with detachable leather wrist band
  • Manufactured by organic handmade
  • Exclusive style by own design

This multifunctional strap is perfect for carrying a small backpack, shoulder purse, or crossbody bag. It can also be used as an attractive clutch handbag with the addition of this detachable leather wristband. The inner pocket allows you to store items that do not fit inside your other compartments and makes it easy when on the go by converting from one style into another at any time .There is no need to rummage through all those messy drawers in search.

This product guarantees the same material qualities and colors found within our pictures so there’s absolutely no worry about getting something different than what was expected because everything matches perfectly together just how we see them.

4. Vera Bradley Backpack


  • 16 inches high
  • 11 inches wide
  • 11 inches wide
  • 3 inch Top handle drop
  • 32 inch adjustable straps
  • Performance Twill
  • Chic and Secure
  • Hassle Free Commute
  • Endless Organization
  • Stylish, Light weight

This weather-friendly, water-repellent fabric is durable and lightweight for everyday use. Performance Twill makes chic accessories like laptops or tablets easy to carry around with you all day long and it has 2 interior mesh slip pockets that work as laptop compartmentalized storage. Add in the zippered top closure plus fully printed polyester lining up now Vera Bradley’s campus backpacks are perfect hassle-free commute companions when traveling on business trips.

5. LAFARBE Travel Laptop Backpack

LAFARBE Travel Laptop Backpack


  • Water-Resistant
  • Anti-thief Stylish
  • With USB Charging Port
  • 15.6 inch
  • Dimensions:12″L x 16.5″H x 5″D
  • Weight:1.85LB
  • 4L capacity
  • 15 pockets
  • 2 compartments

This spacious cooler is perfect for the person who needs to take care of their work supplies on the go. It has an incredible 24L capacity, 2 compartments, and 15 pockets so you can organize all your materials easily without worrying about them getting wet or damaged. The USB charging port means that when it’s time to keep things powered up while traveling, just plug into any outlet with this handy device and no more running around looking and trying to find something suitable during emergencies. Plus there are anti theft measures built right in like waterproof fabric lining which protect against common thievery attempts.




  • Material-High quality PU leather
  • Size-31cm (Heigh) x 26cm
  • 26cm (Length)
  • 16cm (Width)

This stylish,comfortable and practical backpack is the perfect go-to bag for any occasion. Made of high quality PU leather with gold hardware it will last virtually forever without wearing down too much in appearance! Even better news: not only does this fashionable shoulder purse come equipped with an ample amount of space inside to hold everything you need but also has 5 interior pockets which can be used independently from each other depending on what kind of adventure life brings along tonight , making packing up at night super easy indeed.

7. Baggallini



  • 10’’ wide
  • 13’’ tall
  • 3.5’’ deep
  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported

Keep your belongings safe and sound with this lightweight, water-resistant backpack from Antelope It’s made of 100% Nylon so you don’t have to worry about getting wet or dirty while out on the trail. Plus since it only weighs 1 pound without any extra gear inside (it measures 10” wide x 13″) then carrying these authentic bags will be easy as pie for anyone who needs an attractive companion.

8. CLUCI Womens Backpack

CLUCI Womens Backpack


  • (L) 12.6 x (W) 5.9
  • (H) 12.6 inches
  • Weight:1.41 pounds
  • High Quality Material
  • High Quality Vegan Leather (PU)
  • Imported

This bag is perfect for everyday use. The durable vegan leather will stand up against wear and tear, while the water-resistant material keeps your belongings safe from rain or snow. You can carry this stylish backpack with ease thanks to its comfortable straps that adjustable back size allows you do so at whatever height suits best , whether on shoulders or across body strap style positions are available too if preferred). It features multiple compartments including one large compartment opening wide enough to fit bulky items like coats inside without.




  • Converts instantly from backpack to shoulder or crossbody bag
  • Padded compartment for laptops and tablets
  • Made from a tough stain- and dirt-resistant material

This bag is the perfect way to keep up with your active lifestyle. The water repellent fabric prevents dirt and stains, while also being rugged enough for any adventure life throws at you. This hybrid convertible backpack can be carried as a shoulder strap or overnights on its own- no worries about sweaty shoulders when traveling light this summer thanks to dual side pockets that hold bottles of wine just fine too

This tough, reliable tote is perfect for those who need a bag that can keep up with their active lifestyles. The Carharrt Hybrid Convertible Backpack Tote has water repellent fabric and durable construction , all the while being cute enough so it doesn’t get lost in your selection of books or clothes. You’ll love how quickly you can convert this into an easy carrying shoulder strap as well if needed: just unzip one side straps first then pull them apart gently until they release from each other seamlessly before repeating on opposite sides.

10. Nomatic Travel Pack

Nomatic Travel Pack


  • Expandable capacity: 20-30 liters
  • Numerous pocket organizers for small daily essentials and travel items
  • TSA friendly laptop sleeve
  • Expandable capacity: 20-30 liters
  • TSA friendly laptop sleeve

The Nomatic Travel Pack is a backpack for anyone who travels with tech and needs storage. It has amazing pockets, like the ones that have been designed to keep you organized no matter where your adventures take place. There’s seriously an empty space on this thing just waiting patiently at home so I can pack everything up again when we return from vacation or business trips.

With the Nomatic Travel Pack, you’ll have all your belongings in one place and be able to find what it is that needs finding. This useful bag has multiple pockets for everything from chargers or headphones-to even passports. And don’t worry about forgetting anything at home because there are secret storage spots inside too.

11. Pincnel Women Backpack

Pincnel Women Backpack


  • Waterproof Nylon
  • Anti-theft Rucksack
  • Lightweight Shoulder Bag

This anti-theft backpack purse offers versatility and protection with plenty of storage space for on-the-go essentials. The improved design makes it ideal to take public transportation, while also providing peace of mind that your valuable items will stay safe inside this durable leather harness.

This premium travel backpack purse offers style and functionality with plenty of interior pockets for storing an iPad, books, or smartphone. The exterior includes anti-theft protection that makes it ideal to take on the go – perfect if you’re a frequent traveler. This water-resistant backpack purse leather craftsmanship ensures your device stays safe while inside its durable frame and makes this one affordable choice in purses.

12. AmazonBasics Carry On Travel Backpack

AmazonBasics Carry On Travel Backpack


  • Expandable main compartment
  • Large organizer compartment on the front for small items
  • Separate padded laptop sleeve

The AmazonBasics Carry On Travel backpack is one of the more affordable backpacks that open like a suitcase on today’s market. It still holds up to its competitors thanks in large part due an organized main compartment capacity, smart organizer pockets and convenient travel features such as hydration sleeves or stretchable side pockets for tripod storage. The dimensions fit most airline requirements so this would be perfect if you’re looking to replace rolling luggage with just 1 bag and it’ll save space while keeping everything accessible at all times without needing another piece set aside specifically only used when traveling by plane.This lightweight pack has adjustable padded straps.

13. Angelkiss Ladies Backpack

 Angelkiss Ladies Backpack


  • durable polyester
  • nice touch gold metal hardware
  • lining.Size:10.6(L)*11.7(H)*4.5(W)inch
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Made of high quality PU leather

With a spacious capacity, the bag is designed to keep your belongings safe. It features an anti-theft function that will protect them from being stolen or lost while also having two main zippers so you can store more books in one compartment if needed. The water-resistant material keeps everything dry even during heavy rains but be aware this does not mean they won’t get wet after contact with liquid just don’t let any get inside because then there would be no telling what might happen.

The perfect women’s leather camera backpack is here. This is 10″ by 11 1/4 inch wide, 4 5/8 inch high and weighs just under one kilogram. The adjustable strap makes sure you can wear this bag anywhere from casual occasions such as shopping or an evening out on the town all of the way through your workday without feeling uncomfortable with its weight pulling at your shoulders no more back pain either if we’ve got anything to say about it!. Not only does our stylish design come equipped.




  • Dedicated compartments for a slim laptop or a tablet, clothes, and everyday accessories
  • 3 convenient front zippered pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable carry
  • Premium metallic hardware for a touch of elegance
  • High-density water-repellent twill nylon and leatherette accents

The femininity of this backpack is offset by its durable construction. The large 15″ laptop compartment provides amazing protection for your expensive tech, while the front pockets are also filled with organizers so you can stash away cables or other personal items without worrying about them getting tangled up together. This woman’s work bag features a slim profile that will fit under any desk at school but don’t worry if there isn’t enough room left over because it’s plenty spacious outside; made out tough nylon material combined side straps make sure nothing gets spilled onto fragile shoulders during everyday use.

15. Aiseyi Purse Backpack

Aiseyi Purse Backpack


  • Anti-theft lock Fashion
  • Shoulder Bag Convertible Satchel
  • PULeather Multipurpose School Travel(Beige)
  • Special Features: ‎Drawstring closure
  • Material: ‎Leather
  • Style: ‎Rucksack Backpacks
  • Outer Material: ‎Faux Leather

This leather backpack is the perfect way to carry your belongings. It features a top handle, a detachable shoulder strap, and adjustable back straps for different occasions you may need this bag in. This large capacity purse also comes complete with an anti-theft locking system that makes it thief-proof so no one will be able to get their hands on what’s rightfully yours

High-quality stylish design ensures long use This high-quality leather anti-theft backpack purse is perfect for any woman on the go. Made of durable material, this bag has an adjustable canvas shoulder strap so you can carry it how it feels best. It also comes with three different carrying options: just regular backpacks or two styles of stilettos , either using handles or straps.

Hope you can now decide now about which is the best backpack purse for travel.


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