Best Apple Watch Band for surfing

Which is the best Apple Watch Band for surfing? Surfing is a thrilling and enjoyable activity for some, and it’s even a competitive sport for others. Either way, most times, it could become dangerous out there on the water, and you are on your own with just your board. 

However, it is possible to use a watch while surfing and even swimming. And you don’t have to worry about breaking it by getting it wet, some Apple Watches are made for those kinds of water activities. 

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So now, with an Apple watch band, you can track your status, text, and make calls in case something happens while you are on the water. 

But choosing the best apple watch band might be a bit challenging, so we are going to give you some tips and things to keep in mind to help you choose. 

We also have made a list of the best options for you. 

How to pick the best Apple watch band

There are multiple factors that make the Apple watch good, all of which you should consider before buying because they could help you choose the best one that fits your exact needs. So we present here some of those factors: 

The materials

You should always go for the lightweight and comfortable apple watch band, especially doing activities like this one, where it’s exposed to a lot of water and sweat. 

If they are primarily used for surfing, they should be made with high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear. Comfort and quality should always work hand-in-hand with these apple watches. 

Some of the best materials you can use while surfing are: 

  • Silicone 
  • Nylon 
  • Leather (only if it’s waterproof)


Because it is for surfing, it obviously has to be able to survive water activities. It is a priority that the apple watch band is waterproof.

It is recommended that it has this water-resistance feature, not only because of the water but because it’s also exposed to a lot of sweat. 


It would be best if you chose something not too tight, but not too loose either, just something that is comfortable for you to wear for a long period of time. 

Easy to use

You do not want to buy anything complicated. An excellent apple watch band should be able to put on and take off very easily. Most watches have release buttons, so you won’t find it complicated to operate. 

Things to keep in mind while using your Apple Watch Band for surfing

Here are some things you can do to keep your Apple Watch Band in the best condition: 

  • Some of the watches can only resist splashes of water, but if you keep it underneath your wetsuit, it’ll be fine.
  • Buy a protective case if you don’t feel sure the watch will be safe under your wetsuit. 
  • Clean it properly because using it while surfing doesn’t precisely mean it is clean.
  • Install some apps to track your surfing and keep up with everything in your surf sessions.

Best Apple Watch Band for surfing 

1. Carterjett Apple Watch Band

Best Apple Watch Band for surfing

The Carterjett Apple Watch band is lightweight and very adjustable. 

This Apple watch is made with silicone material; it has fantastic breathability and is water-resistant. Its design helps your wrist get enough air and space. The design of the strap and buckle has a classic style, which gives a beautiful formal look.  

It also comes with great adapters, which are very reliable, strong, and easy to fasten. These adapters have little bolts that can secure the watch very well.

Although the strap gets dirty very easily, it’s still quite hard and firm.  

2. Haveda black Apple Watch Band 

Haveda black Apple Watch Band

The Haveda Apple Watch Bad has a very smooth and thin layout, which makes the watch very light and comfortable for wearing even for long hours. It’s effortless to carry, even while doing other activities too, not just surfing.

It has very soft textures and excellent air circulation, so your skin will not get irritated, and you won’t have any allergic reactions or rashes due to the sweat. So you can wear it in hot weather without worrying. 

The strap is very easy to adjust and resize, and it has a very strong layout, so it doesn’t rip or split so easily. 

Although some people don’t think it’s good to use long-term, it can still last long if you take good care of it.  

3. GBPOOT Apple Watch Band 

GBPOOT Apple Watch Band 

One of the most popular Apple watch bands, It’s compatible with every model, and it’s very comfortable and stretchable, perfect for your wrist.

The GBPOOT Apple Watch Band is made out of recycled materials, which are entirely safe for your skin. It’s made with polyester threads intertwined with silicone threads. It also has a very stylish design.

It’s very easy to put on and remove because of its braided band and the lugs on each end. It also comes with a single button, so you will be able to take off in a second.

4. SIRUIBO Solo Loop Band

SIRUIBO Solo Loop Band

The strap has a loop buckle to resize the Apple watch to fit your wrist easily; it’s made with stainless steel, so it won’t oxidize even with having constant water contact.

It’s a good choice if you are looking for flexible straps. It also comes with great connectors that can secure your Apple watch.

It has excellent stability and width, and due to its perfect thickness, you won’t have to worry about any discomfort. 

5. SKYLET Apple Watch Band 

SKYLET Apple Watch Band

Its design is quite unique; it comes with a new connector that easily slides in and out; this feature locks the watch slots very securely. So you can take it out without any trouble and customize your Apple Watch Band any way you want.

It’s made out of silicone, and it’s very skin-friendly, which makes it lightweight, very breathable, and it won’t irritate your skin. It’s also water-resistant and pretty comfortable to wear daily. 

The SKYLET Apple Watch Band comes with two size bands, so you can resize and adjust it to fit your wrist size perfectly. 

6. OUHENG Apple Watch Band

OUHENG Apple Watch Band

The OUHENG Apple Watch Band is quite bendable and limber to use. It won’t cause you any pain or discomfort if you wear it for a while. 

The texture of the strap is very soft, so it won’t bother you at all when you are out there riding the waves. 

It has a fantastic design, completely safe for your skin. The strap has good air circulation, and it’s very flexible. It also has connectors made with stainless steel, and they are very simple to operate.

It’s made with very fine leather and silicone rubber, so it’s suitable for any occasion besides surfing, like working, exercising, etc. And it doesn’t peel, get ruined or rusty easily under sweat, sun or most weather. 

7. SUPCASE Apple Watch Band

SUPCASE Apple Watch Band

The SUPCASE Apple Watch Band is perfect for tough activities because of its UB Pro bumper and raised bezel, which allows the Apple watch band to absorb the shock and protect the screen from any damages. It’s also resistant to scratches, and it’s entirely adjustable. 

It’s pretty accessible and easy to operate every one of its features. 

Its design makes it easy to install, and it’s made to fit precisely Apple models. 

It’s very much recommended for outdoor activities and activities that could be susceptible to damage. 

8. Apple Watch Sport Band

Apple Watch Sport Band

This band is an excellent option to use for a long while; it’s robust and made with a fluoroelastomer. To lock it well, it has a pin-and-tuck closure; it’s stable and can resize and adjust very nicely.

This Apple Watch Band has an outstanding performance and quality, even higher than others. The strap is very comfortable and cozy, it feels incredible on the skin, and it’s made with solid and soft materials to avoid pressure and harm.

It’s easy to clean, and it doesn’t require much to wash off the dirt. And it does not peel easily.

9. Savior Survival Gear Paracord Watch Band

Savior Survival Gear Paracord Watch Band

This Apple Watch Band has a charming and stylish design, it comes with seven inner strands, and they don’t feel bulky. It also goes well with any outfit, casual, formal, etc.

It has very distinctive sizing. It comes with three holes to adjust the size of the Apple Watch Band to fit perfectly the size of your wrist. So it fits well big and small hands alike, it’s easy to handle, and it does not need any extra tools to adjust. 

It comes with a unique bow-style buckle that secures the Apple watch well; it’s very different compared to other straps. 

Some might find it difficult to adjust, but you just have to detach the screw, put it in the hole that fits the size of your wrist and twist it. 

10. eCamframe Apple Watch Band 

eCamframe Apple Watch Band 

This watch band is made with silicone, which makes it soft, smooth, durable, and, most importantly, lightweight. It’s also friendly to your skin, so you won’t get it irritated.

Along with that, it’s completely water-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about getting it wet with some splashes of water or even sweat. 

This band is compatible with most Apple watches, and it has a variety of styles and colors to choose from. This allows you to customize your Apple watch in any way that fits you for any occasion.  

The silicone straps come with loops on each end of the band to snap securely into the watches’ interface. There is no need for any extra tools to either attach or remove; it’s very simple and direct to complete. 

11. Yigko Apple Watch Band

Yigko Apple Watch Band

The Yigko Apple Watch Band is made out of silicone materials, and it’s ideal for surfing. The high-quality materials it was made with go nicely with your skin. 

The metal on the buckle is stainless steel, so it won’t rust even if it’s constantly in the water. It’s also waterproof, and it doesn’t take much to clean it.

12. EPULY Silver Apple Watch Band

 EPULY Silver Apple Watch Band

It’s the only Apple Watch Band on the list with a metal strap. The metal is made with stainless steel, making it last a good while. It’s very strong and resistant, so it won’t crack or break that easily, even after years of using it. It also won’t damage or oxidize due to the constant contact with water. 

Although the body of the strap is hard and solid, it’s also smooth so that it won’t irritate your skin. 

Its texture is dustproof, which means it doesn’t get dirty very easily, and it’s also easy to clean.


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