Best action camera for 10 year old

Looking for the best action camera for a 10 year old ? We’ve rounded up the best options for youngsters of all ages. So whether you’re shopping for a camera for a toddler or a teenager, you’ll find some great ideas ranging from retro instant cameras to rugged, compact cameras.

Our list is ranked according to proven quality by thoroughly testing each camera.

If you’re looking to teach your child the basics of photography, they’ll find something suitable in the list below. All of the cameras featured in this buying guide are selected because they offer a unique shooting experience for young shooters. 

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How to choose the best camera for children?

Our conclusion: there is no universal camera for children. 

A simple, robust camera is helpful for younger users. But for older, children who are beginning to explore their creative side will want a camera that offers more in-depth modes and settings, such as manual control.

Age and experience are important factors, but the child’s interest in imaging will also affect your decision on the right camera for them. 

Young students who like to learn about their hobbies may enjoy the tactile features of instant camera prints. On the other hand, kids who love to immerse themselves (literally) in action will love shooting with an underwater or action camera.

Why invest in the best camera for kids?

With photography, children can become fascinated with the world around them on a level that only they can. In addition, the right camera equipment helps teach them the need to be responsible and careful. With the camera, children learn the importance of not getting it wet, not getting it bumped, or keeping the equipment clean and in proper condition.

The best cameras for kids are not toy cameras

While several cameras have eye-catching styling, we’ve been careful to avoid impressive “toy” cameras that can hinder your young photographer’s progress in the hobby. 

The acquisition of this camera can be just the beginning of a lifelong hobby. Choosing the right camera for your child will spark his or her interest in advancing in photography. But a camera that doesn’t challenge them with its functionality will end up in the toy basket.

Since budget is often of the essence, we have also chosen varied options without breaking your bank account. However, this list is not about cameras that can be found in the aisle next to the dolls in a toy store. These are more specialized devices but tailored to the development of the little photographer.

Each camera recommended below is included for a specific scenario or age range. 

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Best action camera for a 10 year old and for kids

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

best action camera for 10 year old

A great option for kids to get started with instant film photography.


  • Recommended ages: 5-18
  • Camera type: Instant film
  • Paper size: Fujifilm Instax Mini (86x54mm with 62x46mm image size) Lens: 60mm f/12.7 (34mm equivalent)
  • Viewfinder: Fixed optical


  • Automatic exposure means fewer missed shots
  • Adjustable lens for easy macro shooting
  • Affordable film packs


  • Too bright sun exposure

There is still nothing like instant movies for sharing moments and storing them for years to come. Having your child be able to see the image appear on paper, hold it or give it as a gift is an amazing experience. It will be a great starting point for your little one to discover the magic of photography.

The Mini 11 is here to replace the Mini 9. Design improvements include automatic exposure with variable shutter speed, plus a built-in adjustable lens with close-up adjustment, ideal for selfies. In short, there will be far fewer wasted photos, which is good news, given that film costs can rise.

Younger photographers will no doubt like the camera’s curved design. Available in five colors and comes with matching accessories: wrist strap and removable shutter buttons. The Instax Mini paper used by the Mini 11 is legendary and comes in many different contour styles.

The paper is easy to get, so we recommend buying it in bulk. This is a good idea if your child gets carried away shooting, lots of similar pictures of ants in the park. 

The Fujifilm’s Instaji Mini paper colors can inspire the child to a lifelong hobby.

2. Lomography Konstruktor F

Lomography Konstruktor F

This is a lovely set of modular cameras, so the child can create their own device.


  • Recommended ages: 9-18
  • Camera type: Film.
  • Film size: 35mm
  • Lens: 50mm f/10
  • Viewfinder: Dual reflex lens
  • Display: N/A


  • The construction process is a good challenge
  • Customizable
  • Good value


  • Plastic construction

Lomography is known for its “alternative cameras” and one of their best models in this lovely kit to build your own cameras called the Konstruktor F.

The kit includes everything you need to assemble a 35mm SLR camera full of custom sticker kits. This updated “F” version is flash compatible, though it is one of many additional “Konstruktor” series accessories for this reasonably priced kit. Other accessories include a contact lens set with two lenses and a pack of film packs.

This complex set may make very young children despair. Assembly can take between 1 and 2 hours, perhaps more suitable for teenagers. Although depending on the skills and patience of your children, it can be a multilevel gift. You can also take the assembly as an activity with your children.

As you build, you really see the inner mechanics of the SLR. We think Konstucktor F is a fantastic opportunity for those who love building. Your child will experience how the devices work and enjoy the fruits of their labor with a finished product. Alternatives to Lomography include the LomoMod No.1 kit, which is also worth considering.

3. Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

An iPhone is slightly cheaper than a professional camera. For a child is a reasonable choice. Yes, it’s more of a smartphone than a dedicated camera. But the current reality is that the first camera a child uses (or at least the one they’ll end up using the most) is probably on the phone. 


  • Recommended ages: 3-18
  • Camera type: smartphone
  • Resolution: 12MP rear, 7MP front
  • Lens: f/1.8 (rear) f/2 (front)
  • Display: 4.7-inch touchscreen
  • Retina HDVideo: 4K 60fps


  • Smaller size for smaller hands
  • Impressive camera
  • Great price
  • Reasons to avoid
  • Has only one camera
  • Small screen
  • No headphone jack

Camera technology in mid-range smartphones evolved rapidly, with the new Apple iPhone SE being a great example.

The iPhone SE costs less than half the price of a flagship phone and, thanks to its smaller size, is a good point-and-shoot option for young people. From a camera, standpoint is a 12MP f / 1.8 lens sensor like the iPhone 8, but the image quality is significantly improved. 

It features Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip processor. The device will allow your little one to take sharper photos. In addition, on the touch screen, the child will be able to browse his shoots with more accurate color reproduction.

The results do not perform the standard of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But they are not far off and impress with a significantly lower price. The biggest difference with the Pro models is the limitations of the single lens, namely the less effective portrait mode.

But as the first camera for kids, this smartphone opens up the world to explore.

The 4.7-inch screen is great for amateur photographers. A unique advantage: there are many excellent photo editing apps for iOS.

4. Panasonic Lumix ZS70 / TZ90

Panasonic Lumix ZS70 / TZ90

Your little one’s shooting will be on a higher level with this tourist camera with 30x magnification. Other features your child will love are the 180-degree selfie touchscreen and 4K video. Images can also be compiled using the small electronic viewfinder (EVF).


  • Recommended ages: 7-18
  • Camera type: Digital point and shoot
  • Sensor size: 1 / 2.3in
  • Resolution: 20.3MP
  • Viewfinder: 1166,000 pixels
  • Display: 3 inch tilting touch screen.
  • Autofocus: 49-zone AF


  • Wide magnification range
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • Wide range of functions in a small body


  • Small viewfinder
  • Poor wide-angle image quality
  • Fragile

5. Lomography Analog Aqua

Lomography Analog Aqua

For kids who love outdoor activities, the Lomography Analog Aqua is perfect. It is a rechargeable film camera. For the more adventurous, it is equipped with underwater housing.

Lomography has a range of 35mm film cameras that look and function like disposable cameras. The key difference is that the film can be reloaded. 

Your child will take it out of the box preloaded with bright color 400 negative film. Your little one can use this analog point-and-shoot camera anywhere, even underwater at a depth of 10m.

As with other analog cameras, the child can recharge it. It contains three color gels for the little amateur to experiment with. These gels can be set up with friends to create fun flash effects.

While this version of the Aqua costs a little more, its underwater helmet really expands the possibilities for the child, while offering additional protection. 

For film photography, it is simply ideal for kids. Plus, fun features and design will attract the interest of your child’s friends.


  • Recommended ages: 5-16
  • Camera type: Film.
  • Film size: 35mm
  • Lens: 31mm f/9
  • Viewfinder: Direct optical
  • Display: N/A
  • Autofocus: Fixed focus


  • Underwater case expands possibilities
  • Flash gels come in fun colors
  • Easy to use film


  • Not the best image quality
  • Developing film and waiting time

6. Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a is another great kid’s camera inside a smartphone. You can always buy it SIM-free without a data plan to limit its non-photo features.


  • Recommended ages: 6-18
  • Smartphone camera
  • Resolution: 12.2 MP and 8 MP (front)
  • Lens: f/1.7 (rear) f/2.0 (front)
  • Video: 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps


  • Simple and efficient camera
  • Good size for small hands


  • A one-touch camera has limitations
  • Not the most powerful phone for that price

Like the iPhone S, Google eschews the typical mid-range smartphone approach and offers a single rear camera with a 12MP sensor (plus an 8MP front selfie camera). Despite the limitations, the color quality will dazzle your little one.

The magic happens in Google’s intelligent software processing.

You shoot in virtually any scenario, such as night or portraits.

The processing device does the rest for you with excellent results. Pixel 4a is arguably one of the simplest and most effective kid-friendly cameras available today.

One feature that the little one will love is applying some effects after taking a photo, even on photos not shot with the Pixel 4a. For example, portrait mode can be used for any portrait photo.


After a detailed review with child experts, we know that these are the best options for beginners. They are cameras suitable for beginning photography training and won’t cost you a fortune.

The ideal when choosing the best camera for kids and teens is to invest reasonable money. Avoid overspending by getting a camera that the child can work his way up. If they discover a passion for photography, they will be ready for a more sophisticated device later.

Some are wary of technological toys as gifts for young children. And it’s a logical concern, given the impact of social media on the creativity of little ones. But kids’ cameras have meant that. It makes sense to give a child the camera and set them free. You’ll see the results as soon as your child’s imagination pushes them in search of their first shots.


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