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Are White Tourists Safe In Jamaica?

Are White Tourists Safe In Jamaica? This is an essential question that needs to be answered, especially if you are not from the African Caribbean and want to visit Jamaica.

Did you know that when you go to Jamaica, you are always seen as a tourist, no matter where you are from or your skin color?

Even though it seems obvious, it can and will change your experience. Let’s get to the bottom of my question to find the answer and its opposite.

Are White Tourists Safe In Jamaica?


If you’re asking if Jamaica is safe for white tourists, the straight answer is Yes. That is the simple answer.

White tourists have been going to Jamaica for years, and Hon. Edmund Bartlett, the country’s Tourism Minister, will tell you…

Tourism is a big part of Jamaica’s economy, and as long as it exists, it will continue to welcome and serve tourists worldwide.

Does this mean that white tourists won’t be harmed in Jamaica?

No. But I’ll tell you about some crimes to watch out for and give you some general safety tips below if you’re going to Jamaica.


First, let me tell you two of the most important safety rules for white tourists going to Jamaica, or any tourists for that matter.

Remember what I said up there? In Jamaica, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is. If you go to Jamaica as a tourist, you will be treated like one.

In other words, if you are a tourist, you probably have money to spend, so you are a target.

Jamaica needs to follow two important safety rules:

Rule #1: If you’re visiting Jamaica, only go outside the tourist areas with a trusted person who knows that area well.

Rule #2: Thieves come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re going to get robbed, it might be by someone you least expect. Also, you probably did not expect it.

There are white Jamaicans there, yes. Yes! Does this make you less likely to get robbed than an Afro-Jamaican? Most likely, yes!

But maybe not if you are moving around like a tourist.

Most people who break the law in Jamaica won’t want to rob tourists because it will make them look bad. Because of this, it is a job for the most skilled criminals. People who might have something you want.

Ultimately, you should be careful about who you deal with. If a guy comes up to you and says he likes your sneakers, it’s probably a way to get you to talk so he can sell you weed.

In tourist areas like Ocho Rios, Mo Bay, or Negril, that’s normal.

If someone gets angry with you because you won’t give them money, leave as quickly as possible. They aren’t likely to come after you.

Why? Because nobody wants to be known as “that guy” who steals from tourists. In Jamaican culture, it’s about as bad as it gets.

You may have heard the saying, “Don’t urinate where you sleep.” Well, anyone in Jamaica with half a brain knows exactly what they’d be doing.

Smart Travel Tip

Always remember that Jamaica has many poor people, and if you let them, they will take advantage of your kindness.


Jamaica is an island that has more to offer than just marijuana and reggae music.

Jamaica has some dangerous spots, but depending on what kind of trip you want, you may only have a few choices.

Here are two of the best places for tourists to visit in Jamaica.


Most people who visit Jamaica say that Negril is one of the most relaxing places there.

Don’t get me wrong. Many people might try to sell you something or ask you for something. But you can avoid that in a hotel in Negril where everything is included.

Then, when you want to experience Jamaican tourism outside of your hotel, you can. You can walk out onto the street and talk to people.

Jamaica has a lot of slums, but you won’t see them while driving in Negril like you would in Kingston or Spanish towns. So you can enjoy the best of what Jamaica offers without worrying that something terrible will happen.


Ocho Rios is a well-known port town on the north coast of Jamaica.

For a long time, the parish of Portland has been the safest in Jamaica.

But Ocho Rios in Saint Ann is considered one of the safest places for tourists to vacation in Jamaica.

This is clear from the fact that there are a lot of boutique hotels, tourist attractions, and other facilities in areas that are meant for tourists.

The Unsafe Part

As you already know, tourists can only visit some parts of Jamaica.

Generally, the more people there are in an area, the safer it is for you. But there’s always a particular case.

ocho rios jamaica

Keep your eye on a few cities.

These two cities are the busiest and have the most people. If you decide to go to these places, you should be extra careful.


Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica.

It is the country’s capital and one of its busiest cities.

There are many things to do and see here. But when it comes to crime, it is worse than in other cities in the United States.

Most gangster-related activities take place in Kingston. There have been thefts. Violence is rampant.

There are two places in Kingston that I should talk about: Cassava Piece and Grants Pen. Stay away from these places no matter what.

You can see the rest of the city during the day.

Montego Bay

Tourists go to both Kingston and Montego Bay.

This is because there are so many hotspots there.

But be careful. This is because minor crimes like pickpocketing always happen in Montego Bay.

Only come here if you have something valuable with you.

I’m not trying to tell you not to go to Montego Bay.

Yes, you can. But it would help if you were careful when you go there. Always keep an eye on your important things.

How to Choose the Area

The kind of neighborhood you live in is another thing that can affect your safety in Jamaica.

Some parts of every city can be dangerous. Try not to stay in these places if you can.

Montego Bay is one such place. In this part of the country, it might be cheap. People on a tight budget often come here.

But there are more small crimes here than in other parts of the country. Even though this is the case, you can still stay here if you want to. Just pay more attention, especially if you go out at night.


Hurricanes happen from September to November, which is the hurricane season.

When hurricanes hit the island, they can hurt buildings. During these months, getting around and seeing the island would be impossible.

Yes, it would be dangerous.

Quality of Safety in Jamaica

Jamaica is safe if you are careful. There are places where tourists can go. There are also some places you shouldn’t go to at all. But Jamaica is a safe place to visit in general.

When it comes to violence and crime, this island nation has a bad reputation.

If you watch the news, you might wonder if going there is worth it.

Aside from gangster-related crimes, you also have to worry about hurricanes. Also, there are sometimes tsunamis that hit the coast of the island.

But these worries don’t have to do with Jamaica as a whole. You can’t say what a country is by these things alone.

You can explore Jamaica’s beautiful beaches and rainforests. You can see hills, mountains, and swamps.

Aside from these, Jamaican food is tasty. And it would be best if you didn’t miss out on its colonial architecture.

This country has much more to offer than hurricanes and minor crimes.

Jamaica is a country that people should go to.

Jamaica is safe, as was already said. Be alert and careful at all times.

The places where tourists go are very safe. In addition to being safe, they are also very pretty.

The number of minor crimes committed against tourists has decreased in the past few years. And that’s a good thing.

quality of safety in jamaica

Is Jamaica riskier than the United States?

According to the numbers, Jamaica is more dangerous than the US. With a crime rate of 67.65%, Jamaica is about 19% worse than the US. Even the safety scale is lower in Jamaica than in the US, at 32.35% instead of 52.05%.

Jamaica gets a bad name when it comes to crime.

As was said earlier, there are a lot of minor crimes in Jamaica. But the island nation also has its fair share of violent crimes.

Jamaica has more murders than the US, with 60 for every 100,000 people living there. In the US, there are 49 for every 100,000 people.

But as you probably already know, these killings happen when gangs do things. The tourists are not involved.

Jamaica is in fifth place in violent crimes because of these numbers. This is slightly higher than the US, which is in seventh place.

Jamaica, on the other hand, has fewer gun-related crimes than the US. In this way, the United States has the most gun crimes of any country in the world. Jamaica comes in at number 71.

When it comes to rape cases, the same is true. The standing of the United States as a whole world is 13th. Meanwhile, Jamaica is standing in 9th place.

The rankings above indicate that Jamaica is more dangerous than the US.

But it should be said that most crimes in Jamaica don’t happen to tourists. Pickpocketing is a minor crime that does happen most of the time. But tourists don’t have anything to do with violent crimes.

As was already said, if you want to stay safe in Jamaica, you should avoid certain places.

Stay in the safe parts of the island.

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